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Shassan is 25 years old. Last season is the neighborhood of Tre Burton. But in the end, he only took eight games, and he ended the season in the season. He only completed 9 batches throughout the year, and the 74 yard was promoted.

Wenz is currently experiencing his career worse season. Before the last game, Wenz was ranked first (15) and the number (46) ranked first, the transfer rate (58.1%) Ranking Union 31. Passing the Ball Attempt (6.02) Rank League 30th.

US Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the bear will transaction this in 2017 to Miami dolphins, in exchange for the other party’s conditional seven-round sign. After the contract is completed, this sign can become a six-round sign.

This year, Thomas is 31 years old. She has had the opportunity to be traded to Denver wild horses. Although Thomas will not take the initiative to be traded, no one can ensure that there will be transactions, but Brown fans know at least Thomas’s position, he is love Cleveland.

Among the 16-30 inconsistency of 16-30, Hhz has replaced Wenz. Wenz 15 times passed 6 times, pushed 79 yards, and https://zoomwiki.blitwise.Com/ was killed four times. Herz 12 times passed 5 times, pushed 109 yards, reached once, was copied once, and also pushed 29 yards 5 times.

The bear wants the health defensive group to bring new weather

Although most of the signs are used in defensive members, the army’s defense is not very unhappy. Their hopes are still in the players who have recovered from last year.

According to local media, Fang Jio said: «A lot of injuries affected him last season process. I hope that after a year, his health is better, can overcome these problems. If he keeps health, I am full of confidence in him. «

This is the theme of the defensive coordinator Vic Fangio focused on the mini training camp. He especially hopes to see the brave performance of Leonard Floyd. Freud was absent from the cerebral shock and other injuries last year.

When the last season is effective in the University of Oklahoma, Herd has completed 52 times a total of 52 times: 32 times of passing to Dal, 20 shocks reached. He was ranked second in the Hosmanship ticket, second only to Joe Burrow, Joe Burrow.

Currently, Titan decided to use Charlie Whitehust to fill the quadrants. But this is just a short-term solution, and the team has not given up Locke, although he may have to miss the competition for injury. This week, Weith Hunte also explained why did the McCberg positioning team No. 3 quarter were all divided into an interview. He said: «I have to say about this, I understand that fans are looking forward to Zak, he has excellent performance in the quarter. But we can’t ignore Charlie and behave well, he has the ability for us.» Vewen Henry believes that his consideration is the best choice made by the team’s interests: «We need to be a whole, together with the team. Charlie’s performance proves that he can be competent, this is very important. We It is necessary to keep in mind that our goal is to help the team, we must focus on this. «

Ignore the fans called, Titan refused to enable the rookie quadrant

Although more and more Tennessee Titan fans have begun to appeal to the team to enable the rookie quadrant, Titan is still not intended to give the first four-point flag to the young Zach — Mettenberger. This season, the original main four-point guard Jack-Locker continuously encountered injuries, the second year served as the Titan main coach, Ken Whisenhunt, takes more time to investigate the four defense, This will help him prepare for the future of the team. Maybe 5 to 6 weeks later, McGe Tengberg will get a chance.