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Despite the report of the Viking Team, the Viking Team wants to come back, pay attention to this running guard near $ 13 million in salary is guaranteed. In March next year, the 30-year-old Peterson cannot guarantee that the ninth Cheap nfl jerseys from china season will be started in Viking.

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityFremman performs excellent performance in the season, takes 1079 yards in the career, and the bob is 4.8. The Falcon’s 25-year-old Fremman wants to be a high hopes, I hope he can contribute the peak to Atlanta.

Falcon official announced that the team and Fremman signed a five-year contract. According to NFL reporters, Fremiman’s contract salary was $ 512.25 million, and he added 1.8 million US dollars that he was willing this season, he was $ 4.3 million after six years.

Titan running guard Henry: I hope that Texas will pay four points to the Swauterssen.Deshaun Watson wanted to leave Houston Texas. The players of the other three teams of the Mid Union South District also hope that he can leave.

Although the Texas of Texas is bad, Watson still drives them to the last moment in many games that will be defeated. If there is no Watson, the Texas in this season may not win 4 games. Titan this season will win in the final time of the Tower and the game in the two games in the Temple.

Texas people all-star extraction Johnson seeks dealAccording to John McClain, Houston Chronicle, Houston Texas Trilist All-Star External Hand Andre Johnson has gained a team’s allows for other teams of trading. It seems that Johnson’s time in the Texas people has already arrived.

Two team executives with handle contracts and wage caps told reporters that Pony plated back to Rak’s $ 12.8 million signing bonus and $ 4 million in big list bonuses. Due to the current lake’s contract, he has received a $ 12 million in March, only one-third can be recovered.

Osville said in an interview: «I am a good smile. At the time, we didn’t communicate well. Is I going to the game or going? I feel very kind, I am very kind, absolutely unfullive emotions The inside. We smiled good together. «

Osville smiled in «being returned to the bench event»Recently, Denver Musab has a four-point Weakock-Osweiler that has become the focus of the media. In the 10th week of Denver Musabard against the Auckland raid, Osville was prepared for the team’s big score, he was prepared to go to Paton Manning, and he picked up his helmet preparation. The collection teammates conducts gatherings, but then Manning returned to the court, and Osweiler helplessly returned to the field, disappointed feelings. The camera recorded all this, Osville is helpless after returning to the scene, revealing a smile «you are teasing me?».

US Sunday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Pony does not recover the $ 16.8 million bonus to pay to Rark. Ruck retired on Saturday, saying that injury took away the happiness you have obtained from the game.

It is unprecedented to leave the team’s top quarter-defense transactions in his career peak. If Watson is leaving, Titan will not be the only team that is the exciting team, Indiana Polis Pony and Jacksonville American fans will also be happy.

There are many media catching shadows that are not too big after the game, indicating that Osville believes that Manning is a selfish quadruple. However, Osville said that those reports were inexpensive, they can learn under the legend of Manning, even if they are very fewers they can understand.

Pony does not recover the 4-dimensional Sarach’s $ 16.8 million bonusBeijing on August 26th, Xiaoma hopes that the desire of the four-point guardian-Ru Luck (the desire to return money is not as high as the idea of ​​recovering money.

After Potson’s «abuse of corporal punishment», the «abuse of corporants» made by the League as a 4-year-old son, November 18 this year, November 18. Since the appeal is rejected, Potson knows that there is no possibility of re-recovery before April 15 next year. If the original 6-game ban is maintained, the punishment time of Peterson will include the last 3 games in this season and the first three games next season. However, according to the news of Libott, if you can cooperate with NFL in the next four months, Peterson will play the first game next season.

Rack sprained in March this year, absent the race season training project and mini training camp. He has been in a short participation in the formal training camp, but it quickly returned to the edge. At present, these are not healthy.

«I think this will make it easier for them,» Henry said that Watson’s trading rumor said. «The last 2 games, we are all until the last moment. He is a player, the best level of the player. He is a person who drives Texas, since he played in the university. We actually have a battle in the university championship. At that time, we were a difficult competition. I really don’t know all the situation, but I wish him all the best. «

Manning re-played only a special attack and set the Osville. The wild horse coach John Fox admits that his mistake has led to this misunderstanding. He said to the media: «This is blamed. At that time, he ended 40 seconds. Someone said that Osville is warm up. I think that Oswell’s warm-up activities should have not been completely good, so I said that Mantin made this section to let Osville. «