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Running Beer is not ligament injury may still absence the next game

Pittsburgh Steelman Run Zevian — Bell (Veon Bell) A good news from the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination of the injured knee: he was taken by the game in the game, he was taken by Tiger player Leiji — Nelson ( REGGIE NELSON) did not find ligament injury in the place where the hitting.

Lari-Fitzgerald’s 2017 season is still uncertain

This season’s Arizona is sluggish. They won 13 victories a year ago, only 5 wins and 8 losses this season, and they are likely to lose the most talented players in the list.

Richardson has not ensured that it can be left in the crow. He will be held in Justin Forsett, Buck Allen, Lorenzo Taliaferro and Tenz WEST (Terrance West) Later. He wants to leave the team’s difficulty.

Berry will make a detailed description of the media on Wednesday, and the Airate team will also elaborate the follow-up treatment plan of Beli in the outside world. Successful return to the field training undoubtedly declares that Berry’s health is greatly improved, indicating that Berry himself and its team have sufficient confidence in his physical condition. The chief representation that Berry is confirmed to return to the training ground after accepting repeated inspections.

NFL believes that Winston made uncomfortable impressive moves in the case of unquestiones of the other party, and it should be punished by violation of disciplinary terms. Winston will also receive clinical assessments and any possible treatment intervention.

Winston himself also made a statement and confirmed that it would be punished, and apologized to the female driver: «First, I have to apologize to the Movie, I know this is my own fault. In the past two and a half, my life experience , Opportunities and life big things make me learn, grow, more mature, I have already quit drinking habits. & Hellip; & hellip; I will continue to work hard, I hope to be a positive person, become the best friend, Teammates and leaders. «

Fitzgerald said: «I can’t say that I just valued everything in front of my eyes, but I really didn’t sure I went on how to go, I still love the game, love competition, I like to championship with a group of people. This is fun for me, this is why I am still here, so I am currently focusing on two games. «

Richardson tried in the early month, but finally did not get a contract. John Harbaugh, Hubble (John Harbaugh), later said that the crow and Richardson reached an informal agreement, and he also said that there is no team halfway to kill Richardson to make a better price code.

Fitzgerald is 33 this year, and his contract is in 2017, so at least income and guarantee is still, although 33 years old but he is still the player who is the most bought, and completed 98 times this season. ball.

Berry’s returning is a comfort of the chief because it will accept the knee surgery by the same day, the DONTARI POE will receive knee surgery because of the injury. It is likely to absent some regular sessions. In addition, the main corner of the team, Schan Smith, also was banned from the three games.

Fitzgerald said: «I am not a competition for others’ praise or the number of codes, these will become a part of history, but you are going to win the game, when you sit at home and watch other balls The team will pursue their champions, it will be very eager, such a taste is not good. «

The chief announced Eric — Berry will return to the game

Kansas City chief announced that this team was safeguarded on Tuesday night, and the Eric Berry confirmed that he would return to the field at local time on Wednesday morning. Since December last year, there is a treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoid cancer, Berry has been treated, and he has also missed the final five games last season until his cancer treatment is over last month.

In November last year, Winson publicly denied his allegations. This banned game will make him absent the game against the Sainte, the eagle and steel. Competitive first position will be Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffin.

Pirates quartz Wei Wanton was banned by NFL

In March 2016, Winston was unconfirmed in Arizona. Because of the violation of the alliance personal behavior policy, the pirates were 4 points Wei Jie Misi Winston will be cheap nfl jerseys Forbidden games. Winston will not appeal.

The 25-year-old Richardson has been unemployed in the 2015 season after being cut by the Auckland raid. He got an average of 3.3 yards per shock in his career. Last month, Richardson admitted that cheap nfl jerseys from china became lazy. He is still overweight when participating in the crow test.

If the steel man has to play without Bell, this is a big blow for their promotion in their playoffs. Bell has just got unparalleled season, with a total of 2200 yards of propulsion code and never slap the ball, which is the first player in NFL history.

This news comes from the ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte, and also confirmed that the Steelman’s head of Mike Tomlin said before the examination: the steel man felt that the lucky Bell did not suffer seriously.