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The original Smith was considered to go back to the old east Houston Texas, who played from the 2009 season to the 2013 season. But he eventually came to the wild horse, and he might as the ball shock according to the situation based on the situation. Smith is working.

After joining the tiger 2009.10.13, it is counted in the playoffs, Harris has already played 131 games for the Tiger. He is only absent from the injury in 2016. He took place to participate in the 1192 special group to win, and contribute to the Tiger 28 times.

Robbie’s career roller coaster is generally ups and downs. A year ago, although people appreciate the potential of Robs, they also pointed out his instability. From statistics, Robs’s performance difference is not so big. It can copy 1 or 2 times a year in his career. It has completed 10 times more than 10 times in four years. Last Saimo completed 38 hugs, once killed, 8 times destroyed passed, 2 turn (one of which returned to a time), forcing the ball.

Tiger renewal, long, Krak, Harris

US Time Monday, Cincinnati Tiger announced that Harris for the long-player Krak-Harris for approximately one year. In addition, they also joined Hardy Nickerson from the training lineup and signed near Tott OrenDoff to the training lineup.

Marshall signed a four-year renewal contract in May last May, but Marshall has declined in the status of injuries last season. The data is the worst in recent years, and repeatedly published translucent reminders when they accept media interviews. This allows the bear team management to lose confidence in Marshall.

33-year-old Smith has previously spent a quiet season in the Auckland raid, and the raids cut him on Tuesday to make a salary cap space of $ 3.2 million. Smith was a 16 game for the raid last season, got a 791-file appearance time, and finally got 3 kills, 20 hugs and once forced the ball. Smith was rated in the score of the professional football focused on the score of the professional football, but at the same time, it was a poor Empiricaltherapeutics.Com punch guard.

At present, it is not yet clear that the bear team will cut off Marshal in the case of the transaction. After the 12th, the basic salary of US $ 7.5 million in the new season will be turned to be protected, and if the bear is on the 12th If Marshall is saved, you can save nearly 4 million US dollars.

If Bisen can stay healthy, he is still a strong defensive backbone. But this statement looks not realistic. In the past 4 seasons, he only had more than 4 times in the season. In March last year, the Bisen and the team signed a contract for a three-year worth 16.8 million US dollars. However, he is 12 games due to the injury of the foot. At the same time, relevant people disclose giants still need to find a high price-priced wire guard in the free market.

Chicago Bear intends to sell Brandon Marshall

Nfl famous media people Ian Rapoport reported on Thursday that the Chicago bear team was preparing to take the team’s star outside Brandon Marshall. It is reported that due to the large number of Major’s character and the desire to win, it is often contradictory and teammates, so the Xiong team’s general manager Ryan Pace and the new coach John Fox (John Fox) deliberately rectifyed a locion atmosphere.

Giants will negotiate with the line Wendi Bison on the restructuring contract

The New York Giant Line Wei Jon-BEASON and the team’s 3-year contract will expire after the 2016 season. At this stage, the team hopes to launch negotiations with Bisen. Next season, Bison will cause nearly $ 7 million in the team’s hood, and he can take about 6 million wages.

Robei said: «I asked the referee, what did I did, he did not explain it to me. He can’t explain this sentence, now I am still waiting for a reply. I don’t know where I have contacted it. I didn’t press him. I really feel that this penalty is unhymid, it is too bad. «

Bill Houshan: Pick-up Penalty Interference You Are Not understandable

Buffalo Boren in the game with Jacksonville, despite the reversal score, but finally let Brake Bortles complete the ball to kill. In this attack, the referee bothered the Pilkell Robey interference.

The giant hopes to reorganize the contract with the Bisen to make more salary space for the team, thus acting in the free market. In this regard, Bisen said: «As the age increases, we will realize the importance of business. Can you stay in the team, leave it in the team, and you can directly hook your performance. If you It can be kept at a high level for a long time, and your situation will become different. «

Robei said: «I think this is a very bad sentence.» At that time, the game was 3 minutes and 04 seconds, the Jaguji faces a key conversion opportunity for 3-port 15 yards. Bill’s coverage is in place, but the referee will finally blow penalty. The American tiger gets a first success at the 36 yard from the end area. After the two files, Bottles and Allen Hurns were successful and completed 31 yards.