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Awards quiz: On the third week, Sunday, the universelands pair on the Galaxy Battles. In the face of the super bowl of the last season, how does Brown resists powerful rams? What kind of surprise will the Brown offensive group bring us?

Obviously Bill is so high, and Manuel is a little disregard, but Man Newell is indeed a four-point guardian DEREK Carr, which is justified by the raid. — CONNOR COOK has formed a good competitive relationship, ensuring both the depth of the bench and ensures four-point battle.

Every year, when I arrived in NFL «My Bad Shoes, My Story» theme publicity week, Randrene will wear his pair of shoes with «cystic fibrosis» (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) to commemorate him Due to my girlfriend.

The Auckland raid young four-point guard in US time confirmed the replacement of the Green Bay packaging workers who were unable to participate in the career bowl on Wednesday, which is also his personal participation in professional bowls.

Manuel is a 16th visitor in 2013, cheap Jerseys from china Florida State University, but in Bill’s 4 years, only 17 games, the team’s record is 6 wins and 11 losses, the success rate of 58.3%, completed 3502 yards Passing 19 reaches and 15 times.

But there is a problem for giants. They don’t know the injury of Pierll Paul. According to reports Pierll Paul refused to meet with the giant trainer in the hospital, this suggesting that his injury is serious than imagining, or he wants to ensure that the giant does not know the specific severity of his injured.

Maybe both sides can take a step. According to media reports, as long as the giants guarantee that he is full of salary this season, Pierre Paul is willing to return to the team before the season. In other words, even if Pierll Paul is placed in a non-scrutin, if the giant is willing to ensure that he can get salary, he is willing to sign a privileged label contract and ready to participate in the training camp / team training.

Jaweiss — Randri: The field is not in the field, the iron blood is tenderSpeaking of Javis Randri, everyone’s first reaction may be the strongest external two groups formed with Xiao Odel-Beckham (OBJ), which is now again. Strongly fight together.

When the league was transferred, Randri chose the No. 14 jersey, not the 80th period of the university, mainly to commemorate his uncle Ones. In the childhood, his uncle is a medium-sized column in the home, giving great help during the growth of Landri, and Randri has said that there is no uncle Ones, and there will be no today’s stadium. he. Unfortunately, in the age of 14 years old, Ones left the people from heart disease forever.

After being traded to Brown, Randri signed a large contract with Brown, 976 yards at the last season and the excellent performance of the 4-time Dali, and took the brown in May. Created the best record since 2007, you have to know that Brown is defeated in the previous season or endless.

Pierre Paul didn’t want to sign a one-year privilege label contract because he didn’t want to be put in a non-scrutin, the list means that the giant can do not pay some salary. The giant will not withdraw the privileged label contract because of the words Sen-Pier, Paul, will become a free player.

Landri is not only present for fans to dedicate a wonderful performance. He also actively participates in public welfare undertakings. The girlfriend Maya acquaintance in Randri High School was died in 2015, after the death of the cystic fibrilization, it has entered the knowledge of swelling fibrosis, and improves the disease. Attention.

Javis — Randri’s second round of the 2014 draft was selected, the rookie series completed the ball 758 yards and 5 times. The number of balls in the three seasons of the dolphins were over 950 yards, and the occupational bowl was selected for three consecutive years. In the first four seasons in the past four seasons, the Horror data of successful balls more than 400 times, breaking the historical record of NFL. Although Dolphin’s four years, Landri has always been the core of the team, but unfortunately, the dolphins are not optimistic about his long-term development, just willing to give him a privileged label rather than a long-term contract, resulting in later Landri to be traded. Cleveland Brown.

As a child grew up in Louisiana, Landron not only proved his team’s ability, but after the nature disaster in his hometown, Randri once again reached out his own hands to help the hometown of the people. . Now Randri will return to their hometown to hold public welfare activities to help local teenagers learn about rugby.

At the beginning of the new season, «The Space» has not yet reached the performance of the fans, and Randri has only achieved a total of 79 yards in two games, no achievements. Brown is not good, it is a virtual name, and the game against the ram may be a good verification.

They are not only a teammates who fight on the side, but also a confidant that the venue is over. Both people have worked together to the St. Louisiana State University (LSU) Tiger Team, Landri’s main groove is mainly based on short-line, and Obj will carry out far-reaching routes, and the two just form an advantage complementary.