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618 open carnival full 600 minus 100, June 1- June 5th, one super 300 yuan can participate in the lottery, have the opportunity to win Russell — Wilson signature football. The opportunity is rare, you can’t miss!

Manzel training is good, getting a friend

This week Cliffland Brown will meet the Cincinnati Mason, Brown Xiuzi Si Wei Qiang Ni-Manzel will usher in the first time of your career. In this week’s training, Manzell showed an excellent competitive state, and his performance has also received praise cheap Jerseys From china the teammates.

It is reported that there are many olders in the Brown team to show that Manzel has gradually become a real professional player. Manzel also felt the support of teammates, he said: «I think my teammates have begun to trust me, we are very harmonious.»

Steel people take over Smith Schthtist to participate in the fans graduation dance meeting

Juju Smith-Schuster, the Juju Smith-Schuster, does not find the party to participate & mdash; & mdash; or make the party atmosphere more enthusiastic.

Emirates Nikle Kels is the most underestimated player

Since they lost their first-popular teams in the Alliance since they lost to Tennes West Titan team in the new season. But they did not rely on external connections in the past 7 games and got 6 winnings.

Donte Whitner said in an interview with the «dream» of Manzel as a defensive group, he said: «& lsquo; strong niki football & rsquo; Sicklete, he did not imitate other Any four-point guard. He always stayed in your pocket. He is in a critical situation. He can quickly find the vulnerability of the pocket. In short, I can see him. There are a lot of months. «

Last season completed 111 battles to get 1426 yards The first performance of this team. Smith Schone appeared in public cases in this year’s break, including helping the nursing home and hosted a water ball in the local park. Water holder contest.

Anglun’s new show season is fluctuated, he shows his own mushroom capacity and arm, but reading defense’s ability and basic actions still need to strengthen, this year’s sniper will be his key improvement period.

The biggest task now is to quickly produce chemical reactions from Josh Gordon and near-Terrier Jordon-Khamelon (Jordan Cameron). Gordon has been unable to find tacit understanding after returning, so he is looking forward to cooperating with Mansell, he said: «I think he is ready to play, he Being able to lead the team and lead us to win the victory of the remaining three games. He is on the court, and it can always become possible. There are many quarters to choose the ball quickly or simply waiting for the ball when they face the pressure. Kill, Manzell will not do this, he will do our best to complete the attack. «

The general manager of Bill is fortunate, this year, no need to choose quad-saving

One of the main tasks of Buffalo, the main task of Buffalo, is a quarter-saving. After the trading, Josh Allen, General Manager Brandon Beane has been returned, and this year’s sniper will also start mainly of other affairs.

Bien said: «(more than last year) is better. (I have four-point guard) This thing is very pressing & mdash; & mdash; because it has uncertainties. Our first round is 21, 22, you will To think about & lsquo; have a lot of good players, but how do you jump to the top ten? I like it. & Rsquo; It’s quite strange, because we signed the top 10 this year, but you don’t have to consider these. But you can concentrate on other aspects. «

He used to be quartz, only 2 years of near-end experience, but he had a monster sports and strength, his 40-yard score is 4.61 seconds. Even if he graduated from Cincinnati two years ago, he was compared with Jason Witten, Heath Miller, and since August this year, «Alliance The surrounding «broadcast has declared Kels to be a» Geloski, a little bit of exercise. «

In addition to Jamal Charles, how does Alex Smith’s Passing offense work? NFL Media Analyst Mike Mike Mayock gives an answer in the «wholesale nfl jerseys broadcast» column after the defensive coordinator and coach of the Emirates and coach. His answer is the second grade of the Emirates, the second grade close-edge Tel Avis Kelce.

On the number of times and the number of chief teams, Kelles is a little bit of Dwayne Bowe, but crossing the team with 4 times. According to the statistics of the «Professional Football Focus» website, Kelles is the highest-efficiency of the code in the near-end front.