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Lightning player: Haiying new Xiu Clark attack quartz Wei Rivus

Seattle Hawks defenders Frank Clark annoyed a number of San Diego lightning offensive front line players. These players claim that this Habi eagle tried to attack the latter when it was shouted in the front of the two teams.

Rivers were killed by the Hawie player Jordan Hill in this attack, but Clark was attacked after the end of the attack. This attacked action was more concerned about the lightning player. «That is our quarter-off,» Lightning striker D. J. Fusk (D. J. Fluker) said. «We must protect the treasures of our offensive group.»

Packers running back Jones is pleased to return to the team

Beijing September 22 hearing, although the league’s highest-paid quarterback knee injury in the body, but that will not stop him to continue to play. In order to repay his wonderful performance, Packers management applications outstanding red ball attack to reduce the burden on him.

The old eagle close-edge ridged-Erz will be missed 3-4 weeks

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, the eagle near Tang Zak-Erz Ertz is expected to be absent from three to four weeks due to the high ankle sprain.

Lightning left cut off — Dun Dunlap is unnecessary roughness of 15 yards after the Clark is judged cheap nfl jerseys from china the people’s pile. He said to the media that he didn’t want to see this incident but wanted to protect the Rivers after hearing the teammate toward Clark shouting. «The guy pressure in Philip, he is our quarter-off,» Dun Ru said. «I don’t hesitate to protect the quarterfield.»

Although the team ushered in the centennial, but the Packers rushed the ball a few yards of these two games did more than a hundred. Jamal — Williams (Jamaal Williams) who is the main red ball, Thailand — Montgomery (Ty Montgomery) as an auxiliary, the two were rushed the ball 42 times, advancing 167 yards.

The eagle is expected to make up soon. External connections Alshon Jeffery, DESEAN JACKSON, has been hurt, and has been restricted for several weeks. Right cut Rann Johnson is not hurt, instead of his own new show Jack — Driscoll is also leaving the ankle. Jason Kelce is now the principal of the offensive front line.

The first quarter is in the mutual test state, there is no construction tree in the offensive end, the pony is hard to attack the red area of ​​the tiger in the middle of the first quarter, running to the Red Amad (Ahmad Bradshaw) ), But accidentally slammed the ball, and miss the great opportunity to take. Subsequently, the pony gave the right to quickly, at this time, the other race Trent Richardson stood up, and the continuous rush allows the team to continue to advance, but unfortunately The pony offense in the red area is stagnant, and finally playing the ball. Adam VinaTeri ends this attack with a shot of 23 yards. The first section ends. In the second section, the Pony won the ball again. This time the headman became Brad Xiao, the pony arrived in front of the slam area through high-efficiency drivers, and rushed 1 yard from Brad Detained success, the pony gets 10: 0 leadership. The contents of the game have become a good man, and the two sides have fallen into the kick, the only thing worth mentioning is the second section of Andrew Luck has a drop in Andrew Luck. Pony maintained a 10-point leading advantage into the second half.

Tepper still on the conference praised the coaching staff and the squad lineup, also talked about the four into the playoffs the last five years of outstanding performance. However, due to Julius — Pei Bosi (Julius Peppers), Ryan — Carril (Ryan Kalil), Thomas — Davies (Thomas Davis) and several veteran already near the end of his career, the team is inevitable replacement . Rivera and Tepper also talked about this.

The second half is coming back, the tiger is still unable to find the status, quickly transferring the ball to the pony. At this time, the Rak hand returned, and the team was again promoted to the Mammon Red Zone again through a continuous conduction to find the close-up of the 23 yards. DWAYNE Allen has completed the reachaes. The pony will expand the score to 17:0. Since then, the two sides will enter the rhythm of mutual abandoning, and the two teams have no other trees before the end of the three sections. Entering the fourth quarter, the brave Ruck once again, once again found the continuous fast transfer to find Brad 4 to complete the reachaes, the score is 24: 0. When the big branch, the tiger is like a dream, and a wave of short pass rushes is slowly grinding to the small horse end area. It broke into the big hope, but because they want to fight for Nagaya.Vc four gears, the result is unfortunately Failure, missed the final score machine. The final stage of the competition tapped in Vetteri once again, and the final score is fixed at 27: 0.

Coach Ron — Rivera (Ron Rivera) also expressed respect for the new boss, before he took over the team with the three most likely to have talked about the words. Rivera said: «When the conversation, he carefully listen to me, will ask some questions is in place, we are generally personnel matters did not mention salary cap issues and the like, but the progress the conversation went well..»