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Fisher’s decision is correct. In addition to several weeks of mistakes, Davis’s performance has exceeded the expectations of almost all ram fans. Think about the game, the San Francisco 49 people and Seattle Hawks, and then think about the game, Dallas Cowboy and Philadelphia Eagle. Despite the limited experience, Davis always calm and confident in the face of strong enemies. We have reason to give him more opportunities, I believe he can continue to have a surprise in the rest of the season.

In fact, last Sales Falls showed very badly after being traded from Philadelphia Eagle, only the first 9 games completed the 2052 yards to pass the ball and 10 cases, no game completed 300 Passing the pass of the code or above.

The team’s head coach Jeff-Fisher said: «Our whole sniper season is communicating with the representative of Falls, we feel that this decision is the best choice, we respect him for the dealer. I wish him a good luck in the future. «

Saint and Run Devon Tower — Frimer Signing for a yearUS time is reported on Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Saint Sign with the former Falcon Run Guard Von Tower — Freem Freeman Signed a year.

The ram is not intended to replace the first four points to DavisSan Lusios Master Coach Jeff Fisher is still confident in the team’s quartz-Davis Austin Davis. The original team of the original team was surprised in the first few games in the first few games, but recently he was in trouble. In the past 3 games, he was copied 5 times, and the ram also lost 2 games.

Johnson said that he would like to ask the Cleveland Brown coach — Jackson’s Hue Jackson will take him from the Brown Trainer Assistant to take over the trainer and ask the Brown account in the next pusher. problem.

When asked why he did not bring to his old people Cincinnati, Johnson, Johnson said that he was allowed to enter the dressing room when he would visit the tiger when he would help the Tiger, and he would suspect whether he would be welcomed by the coach. .

Later, Johnson said in the tweet to visit Brown on July 28. Informed people said that Jackson, who was friends, invited him to come to the training camp and stayed with Brown’s external connections for a while.

Former Tiger Exterior Hand Charde — Johnson hopes to join the Brown coach group Ok, now I have reached July, we still have a long time Cheap Jerseys From China the beginning of the new season. It’s time to see what you want to do before the NFL star plus handed. Johnson.

Fremman and Saint Siwu Jie Miss Winston have got the same university together and won the 2013 national championship. The last season of Fremiman is effective for the New York Giants, as an emergency after the injury of Saquon Barkley. In the end, he played 5 games, and the shock pushed 172 yards, reached a time.

When the last season is the effectiveness of Houston Texas, Hyde demonstrates that they can still play a stability when they bear a large number of mushrooms. He completed the 245-time scorpion of his career, got 1070 yards, 6 times, and the average of 4.4 yards per shock.

Hyde, who was signed last month with Hawks for a year, said that «everyone knows» Carson will be started at the health. But admitting that it is a substitute does not mean Hyde abandoned the idea of ​​competition.

«Whatever the final need to do, whether I have any requirements on the coach, which is what we need you to do things that I take. I came to the team, the mentality is to become the first player in each stall run attack appearances Wei, serving the team. «

«I am looking forward to competition,» Hyde said. «At that time, I will definitely compete with Kashaad Penny, people who have been in the team, have already stabilized people. So, you must come to the team to compete. You came to the team to strive to squeezing the players already in the team. Carson can easily break through thousands of yards every year. So, if you want to replace such people, it is certainly difficult, but I am willing to compete. This isn’t I am in the league The first year, I will usher in the seventh season, so I am used to competition. This will inspire my best, so I am looking forward to competition. «

Carson still shows excellent performance during health, he should be able to play in the new season after the end of the season in advance of the hip injury. And Peni’s knee injury may lead him to start the new season in the abidents that cannot be appeared. So Hyde will get a lot of opportunities.

If you restore health, Carson should remain the Hawie’s head run. But he has never diligently in his career. Hyde should serve as the second run. If Carson is not ready to take a shock mission, Hyde will play a more important role in the new season.