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If Taylor is unable to appear, the Nathan Peterman will usher in his career. His division showed a disaster, facing the defensive group of Los Angeles Lightning, he threw 5 copies in the first half. However, in the competition of Tietle, in the game, in the face of the defense of the new England Patriots, he proves that he can compete for four-point guard, lead the team’s 13-speed attack in the fourth quarter, all the way to the last code.

Leji-Wayne talks: will not affect your play

Indianapolis’s old will take over Relgie Wayne’s previous age and triceps tear, and are experiencing the most downturn of career. Last week, only 5 yards of the game in the game of the BLEV Lan Brown, and there were 3 battles.

It is reported that Lin Qi has answered 22 questions after the game, which contains 12 «Yes», 3 «perhaps» and 2 «don’t know». The only longer answer is «I set up a foundation called Edgewater on December 14 to raise funds and helped the children in the city of Auckland», and the only negative answer is to be asked if it is willing Accept a telephone interview.

Lynch only answers 22 questions only with 50 words

The Seattle Hawk Run Marshawn Lynch was a fine of 100,000 US dollars in the league due to the question of the reporter, and today 19: 3 Days of the Arizona, Linqi finally I chose the opening, although there is not much, but it is not necessary to be fine.

But when 49 people complete a record, they scored hope to reignite, and then they attacked Kittel from the right-wing vertical attack, completed the ball, but Kittel right arm push the action by the referee set as an offensive interference Catch the ball. In fact, whether it is the rules of the US FOX Sports, Mike Perera, the ordinary fans, unanimously think this is an extremely bad sentence, and 49 people have been killed 3 points!

Ken Yang — Baba will work hard to catch up with the predecessor to discard the attack

Friends Darren Sproles reimbursement is a grief news for Kenjon Barner, but Sprro said to Barna, I am very happy to have a friend. Location.

Herni is also an old colleague of Ron Ron Rivra, and he has served as a general manager in the Black Panther. In December of this year, the black panther will dismiss it, partly because his «old» style is contrary to the concept of David Termati (David Tepper). Typer hopes to find a style of modern, more focused on data analysis.

If Wayn can debut this week, Wayne will take the 209th representing the pony to surpass Penton Manning to create a new team history record. This week, Xiao Ma will face the dextrin people in the same way. If Victory will determine the qualification of the Naidian District Location, Wayne also said that his current focus is on the winning, he said: «I only care about winning, and the Texas people we have to face are quite strong in recent weeks. I don’t pay attention to others.»

The second half of the chief pavement off-attack no matter, it can only rely on Sami-Watekins pick up the offensive, until Xiaoba’s copy of the clints, 3 gear number, 49 people solid Cover3 Middle Road defense, plus Upper Mahms is poor reading, sending out of the seasonal career for the first time.

Tarick Hill is stronger, and the next half is missing. It seems that the chief of the chief will be released by this ball. I can’t know that the 49 people gradually tired, or the Nick Boss’s finger is injured in a short break, Mahms instantly retrieves the feel, 49 people Cover3 right-wing defensive emerges, Hill will receive a 44-size long pass Hope, Kelps makes an interference penalty for foul, receives a rendence, 17 to 20, the chime, and the eating will return to return!

I am sure that the Sundhanehan team is not attracted by Sumira and Lopez style, hot and unrestrained midfield show, the second half they use false runners to impergrain Manuel Sanders, and one Then, three of the Samuel’s back junction, the scorpion is unable to block the 49 people’s fierce, George-Kittel is limited, but repeatedly acts as an attack point to open the wound on the chief defense line. 49 people re-lead through any ball.

In view of Wayne’s downturn, many people think that Wayne has been resting in the playoffs and then in the game. You can get wounded, two can give young players more opportunities. However, this Ween said that the injury indicated in an interview and did not affect his play: «As long as I am playing, it means that there is no problem.»

49 people can win the country of the United States, and dominate the national association, the most important thing is the tactical thisction of Shanneanhan. When the emirate internal anti-run continues the strength of the United States, Xiaoxanhan shows the skill of coaching: Multiple letter George-Kittle transfers to the outside to cover the road cover, and use running satellite roads For the outer hand, Dibo Samuel created an open place, 49 people offensive frontline ruling the killing line, 49 people have been promoted, and the two fake runs of Garobolo connect to the two fake runs, less than five minutes, 49 people. Score, return to the battle!