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This is a great advantage for the crow, and they need to win and add San Diego lightning to be eligible for the Military. This vision announced the first quarter of the Alex Smith in the emirate, will be poured by the basin of cold water due to the end of the spleen.

In the old quarter-free Brane, Brian Hoyer is trapped in the shoulder injury (he may dose in the next game) and the other quad-dimensional Ni-Manzel is put into injury In the case of a list of sick reservations, Xiao is Brown except Taylor-Higpen in Tyler Thigpen. In the preseason, Xiaojun seems very well, but it is another thing to deal with the strong defensive group of the crow. In particular, as the season’s brown offensive group did not succeed in the ball, it was unable to share the pressure.

After 2 years of Pony, Sau Tenghai will be more diverse to make the currently dependent the four-point guards of Wahs Wilson. Wilson became a player who completed the number of passes in the history of alliances this season and at least 30% of the scorpion code.

Brown Mike Mike Pettine announced the team from the training team from the training group to entered the big list and will let him start in the next match. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Brown and this training team from South Carolina and did not pass the training group that entered the alliance.

Brown, the offensive group once again showed a strong lineup depth after a series of quotations of the seasons. Subject 4 points Garrett Gibert facing the parsimous defensive second-line play, 19 pass 13, get 151 yards, 2 passes to Deta, quad-branch 87.3. The 28-year-old quarter-saving game showed a good passage of the passage and the choice of uniform dispersion of the ball. If he continues to continue this performance in the preseason, he has a big opportunity to have a place in the last team’s large list. In terms of external walk, Rara de-Higgins continues to stabilize the position of the third outer hand. D. J-Montgomery (D. J. Montgomery showed a good ball hand and the side line ball technology, 3 times the ball got 77 yards, including a 32 yard long pass. In terms of running guards, Di Oneste-Johnson (D & RSQUO; Ernest Johnson) ran in the double energy, the shock 10 times get 53 yards (including 15 yards in the ball), get 26 yards and 1 time 3 times The ball is reaches. This appearance, Brown’s young players have come up with the bright performance in the event.

Tom Braddy, laughter: Dallas Cowbi is not like since birth

9 wins and 1 negative new England Patriot will face 6 wins and 4-loud Dallas Cowbi in the next game. The memolition of the patriots four-point Guou Braddy (Tom Brady) was remembered in this group of NFL history the greatest level.

When the child, the father banned Miller secretly participated in the training.

Let us imagine that if Denver’s wild horse does not von Miller, if Miller is young, he will be different from his father does not participate in American football, then everything will be different.

According to CCTV Sofres survey shows that in 2015 China has more than 1,900 interested people on NFL football, mostly distributed in first-tier cities. In these 19 million people, 100 million are loyal NFL fans. NFL fan base growth in the past five years by 11 times, research shows, the NFL logo was widely known, and closely linked with high quality and reliable image. In the NFL China’s continuous exploration and efforts, NFL football is becoming the fastest growing domestic development of the sport.

When Miller always said to his father when there is various scratches after each training, it is caused by yourself over the backyard. In the end Miller, he was discovered by his father, because his team needs to take a champion but the team has only 11 people, he must participate.

«I respect their players. They are a great team that can win, and there are many great players in their history.» Braddy said. «As a fans of 49 people, you see the game facing cowboy, each time they give the ball to the Emmit (Emmitt Smith), this will make you crazy. They put the ball. Troy Aikman is a great player. Defense group & mdash; & mdash; Ken Norton and & lsquo; Gold Time & RSquo; (Di; DEON Sanders. So they have always had a great player and excellent tradition. «

To do this, Shaotong Haimo needs to re-oscillators with poor Wholesale Jerseys shock attacks. This season is 101.8 yards in this season, the Ranking League 23, except for Wilson, no one is more than 250 yards. Such bad performance is a factor of injury, but more importantly, the team’s running guards cannot contribute to excellent performance.

In less than a week, the Haiye fired in the team’s 7-year offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. The 44-year-old Sauch Hemo served as an offensive coordinator in New York jet in 2006 to 2011. During this period, the jet has entered the United States championship for two consecutive seasons. He served as the St. Louis Ram Attack Coordinator during 2012 to 2014.