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The bear will adhere to the use of Carterler as the first

In the past few weeks, the Duan Jay Carter (Jay Cutler) of the Chicago Bear team became the focus of public opinion, but the general manager of the Course Ryan Pace, the team is recognized, the team Catering will be used as a first.

In the third week of the Bear’s Bear, the bear four points, Nick Foles, wholesale nfl Jerseys and easily hit the championship after the death of the victory, while the Falcon offensive group suddenly became abnormal, even the first attack Can’t get it.

Katler has a big contract worth $ 1,26 million, and it is only in 2020. In these years in the bear team, Carter has completed the 18725 yard’s pass and 129 reaches but sent 93. Supreme, in 2014, 3818 yards pass and 28 reachaes are the peak of his career. But he is also the highest quarter of the last season.

White is telling reporters: «I chat with Jones, he and Bryant’s injury is very similar, you have to know that we lost Jones for a whole year, so I don’t think Brines will come back, even after coming back. The time of the game, at least in January. «

White supplements: «At any time, you have a foot injury. You can’t walk. This requires a lot of stress to slowly adapt. So Bryant needs patience, especially because he has just completed the new contract, everything is a key. «

Falcon 4-point Swan Mat-Ren: I can get more victories this season.

Atlantan Fematch is likely to fight in the seventeenth week. However, now they only win 4 victories and it is likely to get the first five-step selection right in the draft.

After the heavy wind, rely on the crazy performance of the offensive group, almost grab the name of the United States, and dedicate the battle week. However, the final season was reimbursed at the end of the Queen season, and the raid strike was given a heavy blow. How to make up the pressure of Carl’s lack? How do I keep the team to win the ball? How far can you travel in the playoffs? I can only hope that the miracle can come to Auckland.

At the beginning of the second half, the packaging workers were first attack, but the passage of Alon Rogers was copied. The ramp offense did not seize the opportunity, and the Canceon-Parmer 3 file long passed by the package. After the packaging workers take the ball, the 61 yards of the Endi-Raziyi Waves directly enter the red row. This time, Rogers and the near-ended Richard Rogers successfully successfully achieved reachable. After the shooting is added, the package worker is 13 to 7. The rose followed by the offensive efficiency. The star outside the Larry Fitzgerald has a few key batches, and the red rickets have also advanced to the packaging workers. In the end, the red rickets were separated by a shot, and Cheap jerseys the 10-113 was behind. In the third section, the score is 13-10.

The first preparation is the first to reach the lead. After the packaging workers were brought to the game, the rickets started from the other 40 yard lines, eventually found by Karson-Palmer to find Michael Floyd to complete the Dance. After the packaging workers attacked the three vibration bureau, advanced to the opponent 40 yard before the end of the first section. The first quarter ended, the red ramp is 6 to 0 leads.

Warner is the third place to be added to the 49-person player, the first two portions of Lich-James and Jeff Wilson, all of which were removed at 8.4. The player in the new crown reserves or the new crown, or has been closely contacted with known infections. The team is not allowed to disclose real reasons.

All games, red scitch quartz Wei Katans — Palmer 41 passed 25 3 times to reach 2 times, the outer hand drawn — Fezgerald 8 times a ball promoted 176 yards and achieved lifting Array. Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon Rogers 44 passed 24 shot 2 times to 1 time copy, although the game will be dragged into the time with a Hail Mary, and finally the double punch is difficult.

In the fourth quarter, the rickets attacked in the Red District, but the passage of Carson Parmer was copied in the end area. After the packaging work, the red scitch one waves were completed after completing the brigade of the four scrapping. After the quartz, the quartz-Palmer transferred Rari-Fandzgelad’s ball, The sleeper ended outside the end area, and the Held Freud was completed. After injection of additional points, the rickets were higher than that of 17-13. 3 minutes left, the packaging worker attacked 4 files failed, the ball returned to the hand. After the flush is taken away with a mushroom, it will re-enlarge the advantage at 20 to 13. In the last 1 minute, the packaging workers faced 4 files 20 yards from this part of the side, and the quartz Wei Alon-Rogers completed a 60-size long-passage found Jeff Janis. At the end of 4 seconds, the Alon Rogers Hail Mary has once again found Jeff Jennis in the end area to complete the Dama. After the additional shot, the packaging is magically equalized. The game enters the time.

«I think we have a group of outstanding core players, I can build a team around them, I think we have been very competitive; we have not found a way to end this year, this is where we are definitely improved in the future,» Ryan said .