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Jordan — Massatus first Bill training injury

Buffalo’s previous Sammy Watkins in the injured list arrived in Los Angeles ram, in order to fill his vacancy, they came from Philadelphia Eagle trades Jordan Matthews. .

Matthew had a small setback in the first three seasons in Philadelphia, although it was only absent from 2 games because of injury, but he did not have a very efficient performance, and his purpose of Bill trading was to play it immediately. .

John Hubble: I have never requested it immediately.

The Baltimore Crow published a response from ESPN’s statement about Ray Rice. Adhering to «Open, Justice, Fans, Supporters, Tickets, and Public», the crow refutes to the article to mention the coach John Harbaugh in Jojes February Immediately after arresting, he urged the trick.

«… this video allows the crow coach John — Habbao feel shocked, according to the source of the organizational internal source», ESPN reports, «the super bowl champion coach urged his boss to cut Rus, especially the ball. The team has proved that Rice did the evidence of fist …. But Habao’s suggestion to cut this sixth veteran soon soon be used by the crow management (holder Steve Biqiotti) ), The team president Dick Cass and the team manager Ozzie newsome) vetoed. «

But everything did not follow Bill’s idea, in the first training of Bill, Matthew was hurt, his chest position was injured, although he still returned to training after injury, but he did not participate in the media conference after training. This may be a bad sign.

Although no one completely ruled out that he is coming out of this season, if the Calibo’s ankle does not recover, he will still face the risk of injury. Perhaps if 49 people still have the hopes in the seventeenth week, Calorobo may return. Otherwise, it is hard to imagine 49 people will let him play.

It can also be seen from it that the patriot has the ability to turn waste into treasure. We are very suspicious whether Edelman has achieved the same success in other teams, at least the patriot will successfully fulfill his talent as actual performance.

Fawcett rushed the ball 14 times a chance to drop from the second week of the third week of seven times. In the loss to the Oakland Raiders play the game, he did not get the opportunity to punch the ball and Terence — West (Terrance West) continue to get more opportunities in the offensive group. In the last game, West rushed the ball for 113 yards 1 touchdown.

The eagle announced that Saturday is a four-year $ 52 million contract with Jeffrey, including $ 27 million. Jeffli first sends 11 games in this season, and the ball will advance 619 yards. He last completed the thousand code season in 2014, his career third year.

Kuflin: Regret, Nothing to sign Edelman

New York Giants Tom Coughlin is in a recent interview, and regrets that there is no signing of new England cheap nfl Jerseys patriots to take over Julian EDELMAN. Before the start of the 2013 season, Edelman became a free player, he went to the giant trial, but in the end, both sides did not sign. Then the patriots and Edelman will continue for one year.

As for Kitte, he has returned to training, which makes his situation more complicated. Kitel has already got a doctor’s license to returning training, and he seems to have been ready to return to the stadium after a week of training recovery.

When the crow anxiously waiting at the end of the preseason with a knee injury rookie Kenneth — when Dixon (Kenneth Dixon) return, they decided not to have the space and Cheap Jerseys From China resources left to Fawcett. In 2014, Fawcett surprise attack from a nobody to become an important member of the group.

Habo said that the fact is not this: «After seeing the first video, I didn’t ask for the team to cut Res,» Habue statement, «I was really shocked by the videotape, and I told people to be truthful When I saw the second video tape, I immediately felt that we should cut off the Les. «

Eagle and Extended Hand Al Shang — Jeffrey last four years

This year’s break, I choose to enter the free market, Alshon Jeffery, finally signed a year contract with the eagle. He will not have to go to the free market next year.

49 people quasi-Galopolo and near-end strits or will not return this season

San Francisco’s 49 people playoffs hope already, but they still have hope. This makes the outside world, the two most important two players & mdash; & mdash; 4-point Guiji-Garllo George Kittle & mdash; & mdash; Return to the game this season?

Baltimore Ravens waived running back to Mo Wu Justin — Fawcett

Baltimore Ravens running back Justin to Mowu — Fawcett (Justin Forsett) week confirmed what we predicted: he is no longer part of the team crow plan.

Galopolo was placed in the injury reserves by the team by the team on November 5, he has not resumed training. Informed people said he would not play the sixteenth week of the Arizona Rush. In fact, Garobo is considered to be very likely to return to this season.