Reasons It is best to read Manga


Eachbody in Japan from children to old individuals read them.

You must be wondering what’s in a Manga for a new reader or why must you hassle about them?

Well listed below are the 5 reasons —

1. Artwork

Traditionally, Manga are hand-drawn. Shockingly however true, even the above image is hand-drawn. Manga accommodates meticulously drawn images that just makes you stare at it in awe! Such finesse artwork captures the eye of the reader, and it is said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Thus these images are directly felt by our soul making us pleased and increases our appreciation towards Art.

The biggest challenge of reading is that a neophyte reader cannot visualize what is written or what the writer needs to convey like a veteran can. It’s an acquired skill that takes time. But even the noobiest of neophyte can visualize Manga because the Mangaka (mangaka=creator of the manga) depicts his thoughts by creating such stunning surreal illustrations that while reading it, we really feel like we’re in it. Like this hustling city heart, ain’t it stunning? It’s drawn from such a perspective that it feels we’re at a crossroads in Tokyo.

2. Engrossing Storylines

Listed here are some sales statistics for manga …

One Piece — 459 million sales.

Dragon Balls -250–300 million sales.

Case Closed — 230 million sales

The sales of manga clearly indicate how engrossing the story-lines are.

Each Manga is exclusive having different story-line, characters, and plots. Lot of attention is given to character development spanning over years that is hardly ever seen in Marvel and DC comics. Moreover, the foundation of a personality is laid by one artist in comics however later comics are made by different various artists/comic writers.

There may be not a clear thought process in Marvel/DC comics like Professor X can’t walk, however on one page they show him standing, and within the next, he’s not. When the story is written that he has his legs restored by nanobots, or alien tech, or magic and many others….Then it is just not a continuity error, the story is continuous, and at a later date, another writer might decide that he prefers Xavier back in the wheelchair, so he writes in another accident, creating confusion as these characters aren’t shown consistent however sudden character development relying on writer’s need.

3. Knowledge

Adults assume Comics/Manga is a waste of time.

I’m an Adult and can say that it’s not (not unless you stop doing everything and binge read).

Manga is drawn by their creators and who are they? Japanese! You might be thinking so what’s the big deal?

«In every work of art, the artist himself Is current»- Christian Morgenstern

Thus Manga are typically imbibed with Japanese culture and Manners. Like «Itadakimasu» a phrase used before consuming food, which means «I humbly obtain», In Japan, it’s considered impolite and boorish to not say the phrase earlier than eating. However it won’t happen with me, All thanks to manga.

Reading totally different genres of Manga broadens one’s horizon and get to know things that we might never turn into aware of.

While reading «Kingdom» — a historical manga, I got here throughout the first king who thought of The Unification of China which led to many military campaigns and countless Deaths. But the most brutal war that astonished me was the ‘War of Changping’. In this War, Qin killed and buried alive in total of 4.5 lakh people, and spared only 240 children to spread fear of Qin. No way I would have discovered this piece of history if it wasn’t for this manga.

4. Variety in Genres

There may be so much Selection in Themes and Style that You name it and also you will get it. There are at the moment 35,000+ manga available digitally online. Significantly the world of Manga pretty much covers every attainable ground in Genre or story, in-reality so much that it’s inconceivable to not discover a story to your liking.

Do you need to read something like Historical and Food, a mix of two genres, is there a manga? In fact, there is a manga for that — Nobunaga no Chef. Do you need to read a mature story on the journey of an goalless boy becoming a yakuza by kicking other gangs and finally becomes the unseen marionettist of the world? There’s a manga for that — Sun-Ken Rock. Or just the classic thrilling detective story that makes adrenaline rush, there’s a manga — Detective Conan.

One can by no means get bored reading manga. Personally, I have read more than forty+ Distinctive Manga from every totally different genre.

5. Free

Freaking 35,000+ Mangas !!!

Majorly all manga have more than 100+ chapters. Can you Imagine the Reading Content that is available online? This much content material may even fulfill the insatiable hunger of an avid reader.

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