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Black Leopard is expected to fight this week.US time on Thursday, Black Leopard, Matt Rhule, said that the professional bowl level runs to Kristian McCaffrey, which is expected to fight the battle of the surrounding.

Ryan said that he and the offensive coordinator have not yet determined that the end of the game will make Smith and the starters play a multi-game time. From this point of view, Vic is still chance to prove yourself in the preseason.

Wide receiver James — Jones to return to the PackersAccording to the report of the NFL’s official website reporter, wide receiver James — Jones (James Jones) and has been the Green Bay Packers to reach agreement on a new contract. The Packers have been in effect for up to 7 years of efficient wide receiver will return to Green Bay. Jones was sacked at the New York Giants on Saturday.

At the same time, Fitzgerald also revealed that he was eager to become a teammate with Pitters: «We all understand what he can do, he is the most complete in the alliance. He can find space in confrontation, also Can help the team complete the number of short-codes, can also be advanced from a long distance. His joining can help the team greatly increase the offensive efficiency. «In the question and team how to chase Peterson, Fitzgera Delodes did not give a clear answer: «I don’t know, I am not the general manager, so I don’t know how to get him. What I know is that he can help every teammate.»

«I don’t want to discuss details, but if you know, if there is a reasonable opportunity in the competition and business, we will definitely try,» Keha talked about the possibility of chasing. «It is of course very interesting to see your own players. Obviously, Hopkins is a very respectable person, not just as a player, his joining must strengthen our ability to recruit players.»

Vik signed a contract with the jet fleet in March this year, before the Philadelphia Eagle team for 5 years. For jet fleets, Vic is an experienced substitute for four-point guard, and it can also become an offensive core when Smith is abnormal or injured.

Signing Wa Tat will be a very beautiful dream. But the rickets also need to reinforce other locations, they will not want to improve other locations because of the signed Watt. The red scitch already has Jones’s star to sit in the town defensive group, we can see if they will sign another big card.

Since Jordi — Reimbursement Nelson (Jordy Nelson) season, the Packers hope to be more attempts to take over the outside position, and further deepen the lineup thickness. Thailand — Montgomery (Ty Montgomery) and Jeff — Ganis (Jeff Janis) will also receive the appropriate playing time. As Aaron — one of the most familiar catcher Rogers (Aaron Rodgers), Jones’s arrival will ease the loss of Nelson brought trouble to some extent.

The red scitch took over De Andre — Hopkins released a synthetic picture of J. J. Watt (J. J.Watt) in Instagram this week. The rickets chased Watt not completely unrealistic things, and they are currently estimated to have approximately $ 11 million salary space.

3. The Seahawks also hope against the Packers or Cowboys?For the Seahawks, it is undoubtedly better against the face of the Packers, Seahawks despite several players had been in the hope that the Cowboys rematch. The regular season, the Cowboys beat the Seahawks, the idea of ​​desire for revenge is understandable. But in fact, the Seahawks do not care who we’re playing. For the Seahawks, they just keep their style of play, the total from the opponent’s squad find loopholes. Packers defensive biggest problems on the defensive front, which is a positive for the Seahawks to run the ball in terms of the main ways to attack. Opener, the Seahawks 207 yards away from the ground. Packers also has excellent ground offensive efficiency, but the team accustomed to over-reliance on Rogers at the crucial moment. For the Seahawks, they are confident there are ways locked the star quarterback.

7. Which player will be the biggest pressure?The answer is that Packers running back Eddie — Lacey (Eddie Lacy). In the opener, Lacey 12 times the ball 34 yards out, can be said to be totally ineffective. In the game with the Cowboys, Lacey ball 19 times out of 101 yards-form. Game, he once because of asthma in the first half to leave, and this is a big risk of his game this week. To beat the Seahawks, the Packers must be reasonable to use ground tactics, Lacey Rogers need to find ways to share the pressure.

Jones, now 31, said in an interview: «This is my plan, I hope all goes well I was a good player, I feel like I can get back the state, let’s see what will happen next..» Jones joined the Packers after, he will become the team’s No. 3 wide receiver, Randall came in — after Adams (DeVante Adams) — Cobb (Randall Cobb) and Derwent.

8. When Lynch will break out?Section III Lynch is particularly dangerous, it was his most likely on-time «beast mode». In a third aspect rushing yard, Lynch behind DeMarco — Murray (DeMarco Murray). Including the playoffs, his ball in the third quarter a total of 82 times, rushed 454 yards, Www.Seawayads.Ca 5.5 yards Size. Seahawks offensive group performance was very slow in many cases, but they can always control the situation in the second half, one of the important reasons is the third outbreak of Lynch.