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Lin Qi said: «I am the only reason I am here, I don’t want to be fined.» Lin Qi took a total of 5 minutes on his interview seat, and he had answered 29 questions in a row. Five minutes, Lin Qi immediately got up the «time has arrived, interview end».

Lynch participates in the media day: Participation is just not being fined

In the media day before the start of the superb bowl start, the Seattle Hawks ran to Marshawn Lynch and did not accept any interviews. This year, the situation is different, and Linch has participated in the activities of the media day according to the regulations. Although Lynch is still very unfortunate, at least this time, he is coming.

Most of the questions that Linqi answer have nothing to do, the way answers the problem is still a «Linqi» that people are familiar with. Lin Qi believes that it is just 5 minutes here, and the alliance will have no reason to punish him. At the same time, almost all reporters want to ask Lynch to Lynch within a limited time. Therefore, in the 5 minutes of Lynch, his position may be the most lively. In any case, Lynch finally attended the media day, many reporters finally got the opportunity to talk to him.

Mc. McMarus tried 82 arbitrage shoots in 3 years for wild horses, completed 68 times, of which the movie reached 57 yards. He also tried 110 times to attach a shot, complete 108 times. Last season, Macmanus was only missed 5 times in 34 arbitrage shoots.

Recently, he was invited to join the ESPN’s «weekly NFL countdown» program group, he will replace the front NFL’s external hand Keshaw-Johyshawn Johnson, leaving the chairman of the program group, he will be with Chris Berman ( Chris Berman), Tom Jackson, Mike Ditka, and Chris CRIS Carter appeared in the TV show.

McMarus has recently said that the new contract will soon become possible. «I want to obviously you will always look forward to your location,» Macmanus said. «This is my position, so I really think so. And if you miss a few times, you will have trouble. Obviously we will wait to see what will happen. I am very excited.»

General Manager John Elway announced that the team has renewed with Mc. This contract is 3 years, worth 112.54 million US dollars, including $ 6 million of guaranteed income. This makes him become the fourth high of the union salary.

Moreover, the cowboy’s defensive group did not have excellent second-line, and the cowboy regular season made the counterpart number of the countdown number 7. Sunday’s game is clearly a focus battle of new and old quarters.

Victor-Cruze predicts the packageman will defeat the cowboy

The New York Giants’ External click through the up coming web site Wicotho — Cruz seems to see a four-point 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫…………