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However, the team’s corner Williams defeated Washington, the team was complained in the team 37-34, and the training rhythm of Kaili was too fast. The amount of training was too hot. one. Williams said: «After experiencing a whole week, I want to invest 60 minutes in the game. I am not the only one like this. I am just a single standing and discussing this. People. In my opinion, our start is some problems, the problem is from weekdays. «

Although we don’t know if these injuries have affected him, his performance has gradually declined since the 2015 season. In 2018, his salary will reach $ 16.5 million, and cowboy is likely to try to cut him to save salary space.

Bryant said: «I need to tell them to make sure that my body is normal. I have to say this is the mistake I committed. Make sure your body is healthy, this is the first goal. Sometimes you need to do it. Sacrifice, this is really difficult, you want to go back to the course, complete some contributions and your teammates, but you can’t compromise with your body, this is what I want to tell young people. «

Although Xiao is currently only ranked in Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel, the Brown Training Group is still looking forward to him. . Xiao Ze was played in the last week of the regular season last week, and the 286 yards in the whole game were brought to the injury to fight, and the injured of the finger dislocation and the waist. The injury was forcibly paveled to Baltimore. The last minute.

Brown Mike Mike Pettine said to this: «I feel sad because he has been working hard. He is a fighter, which is very good during the break and training camp. He is a powerful quarter-free depth complement, and it is a pity that injury temporarily stops his footsteps. «

Another bad news appeared on an external hand Emmanuel Sanders, he was absented two consecutive days. wholesale nfl Jerseys official website reporter reported that Sanders’s ankle injury limits his attendance this week, but there is still a chance to play in the next game.

This is a defense war of a foreign card. The chief needs this victory to ensure that the hope of the playoffs still exists. The steel man is currently 5 wins at 3 wins at home, and the average record of the chief is 3 wins and 4 losses.

At present, the eagle will win the game, which is temporarily in the top of the country. Last season, Kelly came to help the eagle won the partition champion, so before the player stood up and support Williams, we will still be a secret of the success of the eagle as the eagle.

Brown II 4-point Wei Xiao will accept thumb surgeryCleveland Brown announced on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, and Connor Shaw will accept the repair surgery of the right thumb, the return time is undecided. Xiao was debut on the second half of the previous battle of Washington Red Leather in the middle of the morning time, 10 times, successfully won the 64 yards 5 times, and after the game, the thumbs were injured.

In the case of being asked and injured, Manning himself was very calm: «Now it is the 10th week, everyone will feel pain. What I can do is better, and try to keep health.» In Mantin’s returning training, he will have a great hope to play in the competition of the Kansas City this weekend. Relevant persons said that the team will continue to monitor Manning’s situation.

After the first section 7-17, the eagle started counterattack. At the end of the half, they stayed in the middle of the season for the first time. Williams added: «We should start to care about our team members. Many players feel that the legs are not part of their body when they play. We should care about the players in the usual training, so that there is enough physical strength when weekend Contribute to the team. We must become smarter, whether it is a staff or player, of course, also includes coaches. «Williams has always emphasized in interviews, such training methods are not conducive to the team’s success.

Renary trading gains steel people cut off GilbertBeijing March 9th, US Time, according to ESPN reporter Adam Schefte, the red scitch has been agreed with the steel person, will be reached with the details of the transaction, will be exchanged with a six-round sign to the right cutar horse March Gilbert.

The flushing position of the squad last season cannot be good, and Gilbert’s joys is very helpful. After all, when you are healthy, Gilbert’s coverage is obvious. However, health is precisely a big problem. Last season, Gilbert was in 11 games due to knee injury. In 2017, it was lacking in the leg gluten, but also due to violation of the alliance to enhance the drug policy was banned.

Is Kelly excessively using an eagle player?Philadelphia Eagle played a total of 74-24 at a discigenic score of 74-24 in the first half of this season. About the advantages of the eagle, one of the theories is the strict, fast training of chip kelly, so that the team can use physical and tactical advantages to drag your opponent in the game.