Medical Tourism — Indian Health Care Industry


Medicinal Tourism is a socially engagingactivity where inhabitants of a specific nation or state visit another country or state to achieve better or less expensive medical welfare.

Medical tourism can range from different ranges of therapeutic diseases, often cancer treatment and other allopathic aids. These medical facilities can incorporate significant surgeries like knee replacement, hip replacement and often, various types of fractures.

Medical tourism is often undertaken for Ayurvedic or herbal cures too, which in fact, are the medieval curing methods of ancient India and considered healthy and free of long term effects. Often, the medical tourists can be from a similar country but different state which is categorized under domestic health tourism and is very popular in India and its subcontinent.

People from North-East India or J&K, flock to metropolitan and medically empowered cities like mumbai escorts, Chennai, Vellore, Kolkata and Delhi for various therapeutic ailments. There is a huge share of Medical Tourism industry towards the rapidly increasing Per Capita Income and GDP of the country.

According to the UNWTO reports, India which is standing at a share of UD Dollars 3 billion at present is expected to strike an astounding US Dollars 8 billion by 2019.

Indians healthcare marketing Goliaths like Apollo, Escorts, Medicare have understood this boosting industry economy and have started knitting patterns for rapidly developing the same.

A much bigger stress is being laid towards the hospitality of the medical tourists by the Ministry of Tourism (India) by boasting cheaper rates of resorts, hotels and lodges around the prime medical destinations in India making the entire thing a budget friendly ordeal for these medical pilgrims.

It must be understood that Globalization has played an important part in boosting the medical tourism fraternity growth by leaps and bounds as the medical incorporations have stopped restricting themselves to regional limits but paving a way for international relations and becoming global actors in the era of international health tourism.

The prime reason of India's rapid boom in developing as a popular health destination is the fact that Indian medical education is globally renowned and there is a huge demand for Indian doctors around the world, especially in the States.

Statistically, more than thirty thousand doctors of the Indian origin are working in the United States, not mentioning the other majestic amount residing in various parts of Europe, South America and Russia. The Joint Commission International(JCI), an accreditation for the meeting of international standards have accredited 21 Indian hospitals of complying with the standards of the Joint Commission Accreditation for Hospital Organizations (JCAHO), which is an extremely good news for the Indian medical tourism industry.

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