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Dion Lewis in the game competition gains a lot of opportunities. The old landing guards the 24-time 129 yards to achieve a new high of the new high, and he also completed 5 batches to get 1 time. He promoted 174 yards to help New England Patriots 37-16 defeated Buffalo Bill. He is therefore the best offensive player in Mei Week.

At this time, this time is published, in a certain extent, Bryant is indeed aware of what. The performance of the cowboy this season is new, and the facts may just say that Bryter is, every cowboy player is more effort than the past. At present, the competition of the seasonal seats has entered the stage of white heat, and Brines also hopes that the teammates can make persistent efforts.

The game itself can’t say how exciting. Joining Adrian Peterson scorpion pushes 118 yards. Dolphin quartz, Josh Rosen, was copied twice, was killed 5 times, and was replaced by Fitz Patrick when the team 3-17 was behind. Magic Hu belt doubles twice, but the coach Brian Floris (Brian Flores) did not choose two points in the last junction, running to the Kenyan Drake, which did not complete it under multiple feet. Ball, the dolphins can only continue to swallow the failure.

Tyreek Hill, Tyreek Hill, completed a high-difficult ball in the first quarter, and then hangs the defensive player to send the ball to the end area, and declare his return to all fans, but he can’t It has been maintaining such performance. The most traffic Shanier completed 5 batches, pushed 80 yards, reached 2 times.

Steelman mainly swimming Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, said that the steel man will see the color of Magotanberg, «We have to see what Magarber is at the end.» Michel was in an interview Say.

The lion will be with the original eagle attack cut off for 5 yearsUS Time Monday, according to media reports, Nvrornow.Com the lion will sign a 5-year $ 50 million contract with the original eagle attack. Halapoulivaati Vaitai is a 5-year 50 million US dollars.

Dez — Bryant: We are not working hard in the pastIn the past three seasons, Dallas cowboy ended 8 wins and 8, which also caused them to have never entered the playoffs. In this week’s interview, DEZ BRYANT said: «I must tell the truth, in my opinion, the only reason for the season of 8 wins and 8, that is, we are not working hard.»

Steel Man Safety: Let’s check the level of MagotanbergIn the ninth week and the tenth week, the fire-fighting Pittsburgh steel man was turned to the New York jet. At present, the United States is fierce competition. The four team wins are more than 50%. If the steel man wants to win the name of the United States, it will not be lost in the second half.

Brines revealed that in the last week of regular season, Bry City was in the last week of Philadelphia, the next day after another, he took the initiative to participate in training, hoping to face more active mentality, more serious work attitude New season. This season, the cowboy has one of the best offensive front lines. The team is attributed to «cohesiveness», and there is a player, and the cowboy this season is the most united. The Jason Garrett.

In the competition of Tampawan Pirates, the Kaulina Black Leopard offensive group is poor. The reason why they can ensure that 22-19 victory is large because Damiere Byrd. This back attack has completed 103 yards back to the attack at the second quarter. In the case of his leg injury, he will pick up 146 yards before leaving the field. This makes him become the best high-quality group player in the National United Know.

Last week, Magotanberg was stunned in the first quarter, and completed 5 times 15 yards from the first 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the second half was not able to perform again under the pressing pressure of Baltimore Crow. Magotanberg can play a very exciting performance in the case of pocket protection, so the steel man needs this week to take a good job on the shock.

This week they will have a victory to reverse the battle in Monday Night. Titan is currently basically basic and the playoffs, the team is also struggling in the struggle of losing, and the first two beginning performances in the first day of Zach Mettenberger’s career, facing He cannot be downturn. However, history is not optimistic about Magarber, since 2004, the new show four-point guard faces the steel person’s record is 2 wins and 15 losses.

Only one player defeated the second half of the Miami dolphins in the Chief of Kansas City, and Harrison Butker. The chief playing the ball in the second half of the 3nd hand, the game is 5nd the game 2nd to the game. This 17 points help the Chief 29-13 won. He became the Best Technical Group player of Mei Week.

3 years agoHarrison Smith seems dissatisfied with the selection of professional bowls, and he vents anger on the green bay package. The Minnesota Vijing Safety Guard completed 8 times to hold 2 copying, helping Viking 16-0 zero packs. Viking people are close to the first round of the championship. This makes Smith have become the best defensive players in China.