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Last season, Beckham was treated by the regional defensive treatment, so the attack coordinator made him appear in different array positions in different formations. This result is a giant averaged 29.2 points in the last six games in the season. And our new show took over 9 reaches. We found where Beckham’s confidence comes from, and if the opponent is fully stressed, then the chance of victor cruz is more.

The mayor of Las Vegas is relocated to the casinoCarolyn Goodman CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN will move to Las Vegas unless there is a mistake in the execution process.

The Gordon broker said that Gordon is seriously considering the dismissive. «He is very serious. He strives to play, the fifth year contract is the result of his first round. The fact is true. But if we get a respectable offer, we will not go to today. But he feels that he did not receive respect. He seriously considers the dismissive. «

There is no doubt that the Tiger’s four points will have a lot of experience in the new season. Maybe Taylor’s wins will also be more. But almost determined that the Tiger will face the trouble of growth in the new season.

Lightning runs to Gordon asks new contract threats and request dealBeijing July 11th, Melvin Gordon, I want a new contract. If this Los Angeles Lightning Runa is not able to meet very quickly, he is ready to dismiss and ask for trading.

Express Almighty Gordon since the second grade season, the key player of the lightning offensive group, in the past three seasons, each season’s offense has advanced more than 1300 yards, and a total of 38 times. When Gordon was bothered up last season, the performance of the lightning offensive group decreased significantly.

«We have already determined. We have 3 young people, we really expect them to get a lot of training times,» said Taylor Friday. «We think they have a wonderful future. We are really satisfied with the status quo of quadrants.»

Danny Golladay, Stafford, was trained together with Danny Golladay, Danny Amendola, Dian De & Rsquo; Andre Swift. At present, Stafford is in the home of Michigan. Michigan’s epidemic data is optimistic compared to other parts of the United States, which may be one of the reasons for Stafford’s dare to organize training.

In addition to Davis’s $ 500 million, Jinsha Group and its partners will also invest 150 million US dollars, and the remaining $ 750 million will be obtained through taxes. The supporters of the program show that they will require Nahada Legislagan to approve the funds for some housing taxes to build a stadium in August.

After all, there have been 3 first experiences in 3 people in Burro, Finley and Dora. These three games were made by Finishi last season, and Fernley failed to win in this three games. Tagging is only 2 wins and 14 losses last season.

Check the body 193cm, weight 122kg, not only physically strong, both strong strength, and speed, have met the requirements for excellent rushers. But some people think that he is unable to adapt to the 3-4 system of James Bettcher, a giant’s new defensive coordinator James Bettcher.

The lion quartz Weista Ford training with teammatesAlthough the players have previously recommend that players suspend their own organization, Read the Full Posting pirate four-point Wei Tom Braddy is still not intention, and he is not the only player who continues to train.

Tiger coach: It has been determined by three young players to form a quadruple lineup.The 23-year-old Joe Burrow will lead Cincinnati to start a new era, and his teammates who are in the four-guard position will be almost young.

According to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, after the private trial North Carolina, the giant will let the giant will pick up in the bridges of Bradley Chubb. Tour the team amenities in the time.

It is possible that the knee of the Los Angeles Rooty, Todd Gurley, is hesitant to the Lightning Team. The ram has given Galli a big contract, but Galley has now continued to suffer from knee injury. Given the history of Gordon’s injury, lightning may not be willing to give a contract including high security income.

The broker said: «We received a quote & mdash; & mdash; negotiations have fallen into a deadlock & mdash; & mdash; but we get a copy time that matches Melwin, the first round show identity and in the past 4 years 2 times in the field of professional bowls, they don’t respect us. «

Gordon knows his value. He is willing to dismiss and if the lightning is unwilling to give the contract he wants, he will ask the deal to go to a team who is willing to give him a big contract, which is the only weight in the contract negotiation. The absence of Gordon will have a huge impact on the new season hopes to go further farther in the playoffs, but any NFL team is now very cautious to the running guard.

Potential list sign Bradley — investment will visit the giant After leaving the defending Director Jason Pierre-Paul to the pirate, the giant’s rest period has added: 冲 手. And this year’s rookie may have happened to help them relieve the urgent urgent.