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Sea Eagle Substitute center season reimbursement, five sense guardsThis week, the Seattle Hawks activated five-point Wei Jeremy Lane, which will provide a certain complement to the team’s second-line lineup of the injured soldier. Unfortunately, the team has a bad news from the team. STEPHEN SCHILLING is included in the injury reserve list, which means his season has ended in advance.

General Manager of the Palch: External hand Hopkins can bring the team to a new heightHouston Texas will take away Didh Hopkins trading to Arizona’s rickets, which is one of the top breaks this year. As he and the David Johnson, who was sent to Texas people, David Johnson, passed the medical examination, and this transaction was close to formal completion.

At the end of the interview, Wilson introduced himself to work 14 hours on Friday: «I will get up at around 8:30, I will meet, I will relax, try to relax my nerve. Conference is the most Important, I have to put in a whole love. «

«Can sign the player of his level and have his own offensive player to partner, I feel that he will definitely bring us to a new height,» Steve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager Steve Keim In an interview.

Insatiscically, the Haiying should add a defensive end to the list of 53 people this week. But the team finally chooses Len to join the lineup, which means that the corner of Byron-Maxwell and the safety Sam Chambellor may continue to be absent.

Wilson: I always sleep very well before the game.Seattle Hawks of the Seattle Hawks must know that the team’s four-point Wilson is not long on weekdays. His favorite tweet label is «no time to sleep.» Wilson revealed in the interview on Thursday, sleeping less, only one night before the game, there is a different sleep mode. Wilson said: «Saturday night, I always slept like a stone. Generally, I will sleep 10 to 12 hours. This can make me energetic in Sunday’s game, this is very effective, maybe and I usually Well sleep less. «

Regarding how to allocate energy in training and competition, Wilson smiled: «I don’t know this kind of sleep mode is not a small skill, but I am always used by me. I learned how to put it full when I am not sleep Training, this will make me more expressive when I am energetic. «Wilson decided to run this way throughout season,» I have exercised such a sleep method, maybe it is crazy, but I still stick to it. Some time less than a weekday. It is enough for more than 5 to 6 hours. «

In the 7 years of Tuzhou people, Hopkins played well. In the past five seasons in the past five seasons, he completed more than 100 times a season in the past five seasons, got 1300 yards 9 times to reach the best lineup for 3 consecutive years. Bill O’., Germany, a German, said that the reason why Hopkins traded out is the latter wants a new contract. Hopkins currently contracts for 3 years, and the salary is approximately $ 40 million.

The Black Panther Defense Group forced the crow to have three ball transformations, Http://Dallaseyeglass.Co/ and have been pressing the crow, Joe Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO), so that Fradco frequently quickly shot, this verse 39 pass 22, pass The ball is only 192 yards, and the ball is reached and 2 times. In the last two minutes of the competition, Vlaco was replaced by a rookie quartz Sau Marr-Jackson (Lamar Jackson).

It is worth mentioning that today’s two first round show is a memorable day, replacing the Jackson 5 pass 4, get 46 yards and careers, the first pass, and the new Xiu near Hayden Hurst received his own career in his career in his own career in Hayden Hurst.

On Saturday, Saturday, the Hawks will be «difficult», and he injured his knees when the next half of last week. At present, the Hawks’ alternate center will be held by Patrick Lewis. Last week, due to the original first-year Marx — Angle’s fourth consecutive week, Lewis came back in the end of Xermin. This week is expected to come back, and Lewis will be a substitute waiting opportunity.

Groth said through Text, in view of the injury of Griffin, this tire training is very bad, because it will bring too much pressure to the ankle, knee, and hips, make the abdomen and hips The muscle is in a wrong way and will eventually affect the quality of the pass.

«I don’t want to see him on the tweet,» Johnson said, «I don’t want to see how he talks about his strength training, because his physical fitness is great, he should show everyone is that he is Rugby technology improvement, how to become a better quarterfield. «

Let the alliance best take over and last season’s best offensive Xiu Keller Murray partnership may make the 5 wins and 11-louder red rickets immediately improve progress. The rickets were ranked 24th from the previous season.

[Event Review] The two ends of the black panther attack and defense have successfully restricted the crow, and 36-21 take away the victory.Before the start of Beijing October 29, the crow was optimistic by the foreigners in the foreigners, but the balance of victory was unwarantar. The Black Panther’s performance is superior to the crow, and the 36-21 soldiers will take the crow.