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After the sixth week of London, the coach Jon Gruden expressed concerns about the injury of Linchi groin. Earlier this week, Ge Run said that this injury may cause long-term impact. Lobport reported that Lynch is likely to be added to the injury reserve list.

ESPN has intentionally let PEYTON Manning and Aer Michaels have been explained, but they are rejected. The Tony Romo, which was previously pursued, also left to the CBS, signing a 10-year $ 180 million contract.

A fan is dressed as Kem-Newton (Cam Newton) is lifted from a car accident. This fan puts the strapping on the face and the head and neck, and hung an arm, the face is a fake blood, a steering wheel is hung in front of it.

Nike New Advertising Horn HornWhen we mentioned training, the Seattle Hawie’s corner Wei Richard Sherman’s «never end» is we have to mention. He always tries to push yourself to a better realm. Maybe this is why he is the most suitable spokesperson of the champion theme «never end» this time.

Shelman is really suitable for «never end», he is a very diligent person outside the court and Read the Full Piece of writing stadium. He will spend a long time in the video indoor research opponent’s quarter-free, he is The «never end» person.

49 people coach: I don’t know who will be the first quarter-savingThe initial review of the offensive group created by Chip Kelly is quite exciting, but it is a matter of ruling, which has a good performance in the real gun. thing.

Kelly is not rushing to make a decision, but it seems impressive impression on his potential of Gibot. We will see if such an impression will give him the first position to Gibert, and more importantly, it can be a victory for 49 people.

Taixori served as a 2018,2019 season night comment (Play-By-Play Announcer), McFran in 2018 is a sideline analyst, 2019 joining the explanation. In their previous explanation, Sean McDonough and Jones Grudaden, Grunette joined the raid after the 2017 season, served as coach.

This game is over from 19 to 17, temporarily, is the first name of UN Liannan District. He is currently 5 wins and 8 losses. They followed the 5 wins and 8-loud saints and 5 wins and 9 losses. The position of the black panther is not safe.

Jason Witten has explained with the two in the 2018 season, but the quality is flat. After the departure from Signir Deng, the criticism of the night commentary on Monday has not been small, and the ESPN decided to change the group. The team is also expected.

In addition, even if you are the world’s most talented tactical master, if you don’t have an excellent quarter-saving, you still have a hard game. Kelly acquired the first hand in the Philadelphia Eagle last season, which also made him throw away. Now 49 people in San Francisco, he has to understand that Colin Kaepernick or BLINE Gabbert can make 49 people most likely to win the game.

Before the last season was placed in the injury reserve list, Gibot replaced him to become the first quarter-saving, but that is during the predecessor coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula). At the same time, Katnik has been recovering from the right thumb, left shoulder and left knee injury.

There is no doubt that because of this serious car accident, Newton absents the game, his car is almost entirely destroyed, and he is sent to the hospital, then check that there is a slight fracture in his back.

«I will meet at some place at some place. I will definitely find a way to meet,» Baxley said. «Obviously I am willing to do this, anyone who has experienced such injuries, whether it is Joe Burrow, Devin Bush, Bad DuPree, I I feel that if we all get together, this will be great. «

Bakley also said: «I guess you will say, but I don’t want to go through such things such as rehabilitation, but I don’t think that we are really close, we have an in-depth understanding of each other, and our two have competitive mentality and we I feel that it is really important to help each other. I don’t think it is very important. I don’t think that the two are very important. But at the same time, we have to make a rehabilitation with 1% of the mentality every day. This is our Things get to each other. By any way, you must get. «

Giant runs the Babli plan and Brown take over Beckham to restore knee injury togetherOnce is a teammate, the New York Giants runowed Saquon Barkley and the Odell Beckham, and the Odell Beckham, which needs to be recovered from the knee. They will recover at some time and train them together.

«The only thing I really know is that I have already done it, I will definitely meet (Odel),» Bakley said. «Obviously, Odel’s knees are also hurt. I think we all need to make recovery. We are really good friends. Mutual competition, mutual incentives will also be a good thing. This is the only thing I will do. Do everything else. Still still unknown. «