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This 26-year-old player last season has been in the top 8 games in the wilderness, followed by reimbursement of the torn season before the knee. Rsi is an excellent initial anti-runner, he will upgrade the small horse ranking on the 18th of the army. Professional Rugby Focus Network The score of ivocar in the first 9 weeks of the 2014 season made him a fourth internal line guard in the army defense.

Encuvi has achieved 5 kills in 6 games played for Viking people, but his quarter-saving shift rate is only 8.3%. It is actually a test for a long-term test with the Enskovo, which is worthy of a test, which is worthy of a long-term test, which is obvious that Viking is not satisfied with the results of the test.

When two people partners, Campbell and Engacovo have played the best performance & mdash; especially the latter, he is good at pursuing opponents when playing with Campbell. In 2018, the quarter-saving rate of Encuvi reached 12.9%, and the interfering rate was 14.3%. In 2017, his quarter-saving pressure rate reached 14.7%, and the interfering rate reached 16.4%. It also has 12.9% of Campbell in the season. Two people completed 9 times forced to fall.

Hawks will decide how to use runoffs according to the game

With the thomas Rawls season reimbursement, the Seattle Eagle’s runners are selected into the team’s most headache of this week. Pete Carroll was honest when he was interviewed, and did not decide how to arrange the appearance time of running guards.

The team announced on Friday and the Nate Irving of the Queen Buddha Mushannet. Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website reporter Ian Rapople reported the three-year contract with the inheritor, with the highest value of $ 9.25 million.

Watson believes that their future belongs to Texas, which will undoubtedly give the team to eat the hearts. «I am here. I love this team. I love McNer family. I love this city. I love this fan group,» he said. «I am a Houston Texas player. I will definitely continue to work for Texas.»

CAL MCNAIR, Chairman of Texas, Cal McNair, said: «The preparation of the 2020 season has begun, give Bill O’Brien and Jack — Eastby more accurate position, with their responsibility It is also very important to match the work. The team will be encouraged by this season, this is from our new structure, new operation method, and leaders in the club. I give fans for the team. The home victory & mdash; & mdash; which includes a playoffs Victory & mdash; & mdash; and proud, this season we also achieved at least 10 wins, fans worthy, we will continue to work hard to bring the champion honor to Houston «

Carol said: «We need to do it before the start of the game, even in the game, how to use running guards. They have been trained this week. Everyone knows that they need to strive to go to the game through efforts.» Carol emphasized the elderly Frey Fred Jackson will continue to serve as a three-speed running guard, which also means that Bryce Brown and Christine Michael need to compete for other files.

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the Nnesota Viking people will trader Encocovi to Baltimore. Viking will receive the third round of draft selection rights in 2021 and 2022 in the 2022.

In the four seasons of the effectiveness of the wild horses, the first three-wheeled show has a total of 104 times to kill 2 times, one of which is in the first battle in the last season, in the four-point guardian-Luck (Andrew Luck) owned.

«The main attention is placed on playing,» Watson said. «My broker will deal with this matter. My main attention is to serve as a four-point guard and the leader of this team. My main attention is to keep health and make sure my team is ready to play.»

De Shaun Watson: External hand Hopkins’s departure will bring some differences

Deshaun Watson has shown excellent performance in recent years, but one of the best outer hands of the league is undoubtedly touched by his teammates. And Walterson in the new season is not so lucky.

Viking people will punch in the hanker-Enskovo trading to the crow

In the course, Yannick NGAKOUE, in order to leave the Jacksonville American Tiger, a big movement. And after I finally got to join the new team, he now left.

Texas people’s head coach O’Brien officially won the title of general manager

In the 2019 season, the general manager of Texas was basically completed by Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, this year he got a formal head.

Crows and Engovi can be said to be the same as the sky. Encuvi can reunion in Cales Campbell, Cales Campbell, Jacques Campbell. In this season, Campbell’s quarter-off pressure ratio is slightly better than Eggco, reaching 9.5%, while quad-bonard interfering rate exceeds 11% (Encoto reached 8.9%). More than 11% of the data in the interference rate means that the player can stably play the ball shock.

The O’Brien’s operation is as follows: Two players and a three-wheel sigger with Jade Reneon Clowney, this three-wheeled is sent to the raid. Gareon Conley. A conditional four-wheel signs (now become three-wheeled) were sent to Brown, trading to run Guow Duke — Johnson (Duke Johnson), reserves offensive front line members Martinas Rankin changed to run Karlos Hyde. Two first round signs and other chip deals have been taken in Laremy Tunsile and Kenny Stills.