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Compared with last season, Diggs was reduced by 4% in the four games in this season. He was passed down 19 times this season, and the 209 yards were completed for 10 codes. In the same period last season, he was passed down 44 times and completed 27 battles to get 311 yards.

As the season entered an end, the playoffs of Guohuan District has become increasingly white, and the early season is disappointing at the near-term state of Atlantian big hunt. After the last week, the number of victory will be the same after the last week. The same achieved five games, so this partition civil war is self-evident for the importance of the saints, it is clear that the ending of the painful loss is difficult to satisfy the Saints of the scene, the first quarter ends they have come to black The leopard hit a 17:0, an angry fan even gave a beer bottle to the referee after a referee, and this moment was captured by the photographer.

Nearby Arms Robsky (Rob Gronkowski) wearing knee returning training on Thursday morning and participated in some training. On Friday, Julian, Julian EDELMAN, also returned to training. Edelman has been absent from the competition in the competition of the New York Giants since mid-November.

Johnson’s last two weeks has a little increase. He has been a continuous number of two consecutive counsers more than 5 times. I believe that 49 people will try to let Johnson more played more to improve the team’s offensive quality.

Rivira said in an interview: «I can’t tell you now. I can’t reveal the team’s plan, we will go all out to treat every game, send some players I think there is necessary to play. Our final The goal is to win the super bowl, now we have many things that need to be considered, but I am not sure how I will deal with this problem. «

Rivira refuses to disclose whether to arrange a star battleThe 13 wins and 0 negative Carolina have already determined that the first week of the seasons, the head coach Ron Rivra has to face the problem of the challenge: 16 consecutive victories, or Arrange the main player to fight moderately.

Anger, crazy Saint fans throw a beer bottle to the refereeThe New Orleans Saint Shouzhao is at home to meet the Tonglina’s black panther in the country of the country. It is one of the games that have a view today. However, these two levels of the team did not have a championed one side. The game, the black panther was washed in 41:10 blood.

After absent training on Wednesday, the outside world began to guess Digs feel dissatisfied with Viking. He said that the cold leads to the training, and the official injury report is listed as «non-football injury».

If the Black Panther won this week, Https://Clasimerlo.Com.Ar/ and Arizona Renary will ensure that they will ensure that they have become a NAS. Relevant persons revealed that at least before ensuring the home advantage of the season, Rivira will not consider arrange the star battle. Compared to the wheel, the black panther is clear about the attitude of injury, the team hopes to enter the playoffs with the healthier lineup. Jonathan Stewart will continue this week.

However, Johnson himself did not have dissatisfaction, he said: «I am not dissatisfied, if I don’t want to say something dissatisfaction, I just hope that I can do more contributions, but the teammates who are in front of me are not waiting for the world. I am a warrior when I play, but there are many excellent players in our team, I will not feel dissatisfaction, that’s it wrong. «

There are many expectations in Manzell, maybe still is still the same. Some uneven events may force Petine to re-enable Manze. But at present, Pert seems to be determined to let Mansale learn lessons. It is very likely that Monday Miaces will not enter the list.

Viking outside the outer hand Dedgs denied that the transaction did not reduce the external speculationStefon Digs said he did not request to trade in Minnesota, but «all rumors have truth» this sentence did not alleviate the guess for his future.

Earlier this week, the team’s four-point Wei Ke Cossus apologized in Adam Thielen, which was open to an external handle, ADALEN. He also expressed hopes to create more opportunities to Shetun and Digs in the future.

This event, like other, will make everyone doubts the last game is the last appearance of Manzel Brown career, and how long is his next NFL opportunity? His field lifestyle is indeed the same as a successful player in the current alliance. And more than ten years ago this is the normal state in the alliance.

There have been many media exposed photos and video showing Manzell to participate in party during the team’s trip and drinking champagne after only a few months only completed the treatment, so that the coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) It is very dissatisfied.

When I was asked with this matter on Tuesday, Pe Ting said she was considering the bench. In the evening, he officially decided to depreciate Manzel to the third quarter. «Josh McCown will serve as the first quarter-off in Monday Night in Baltimo,» Petty said in the statement. «After training, I will notice with street with street, Flip (John Defilippo) and Kevin (KEVIN O & # 39; Connell). This decision of the quarter. Strength will become the third quarter. I have talked to them with Ray Farmer and Jimmy Haslam. Decided, they fully support. «