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Leshchenko does not believe that Glushakov will be in the main squad of the Russian national team

People’s Artist of Russia, Dynamo fan Lev Leshchenko, in a conversation with SE, commented on the composition of the Russian national team for the matches of the qualifying tournament of the 2022 World Cup in October.

«The absence of Tyukavin? There is Zabolotny. Probably, the coaching staff decided to put on a stronger and taller attack. Kostya is still of a short stature, and the teams of Slovakia and Slovenia are quite dense, the guys there are strong, «Leshchenko told SE.

Leshchenko also commented on the inclusion of Denis Makarov and Arsen Zakharyan in the final squad of the national team for the matches against Slovakia and Slovenia.

«The attraction of Makarov to the main team is very cool, because we have no one to play on the right, Fernandez left. Miranchuk does not look very good now, the last two matches he could not do anything, he was not on the field. It can be seen that he has some kind of injury, he is taking care, apparently. Zakharyan has more chances to get into the starting lineup than Lesha — this is not even discussed. As for Glushakov, I don’t think he will be in the first team, «added Leshchenko.

In October, https://cults3d.com/en/users/ullahalie the Russian national team will play two matches — against Slovakia (October 8, 21.45 Moscow time, Kazan) and against Slovenia (October 11, 21.45 Moscow time, https://www.question2answer.org/ Maribor).

«I used to be able to jump across the entire hall with a flask,» Fedor Emelianenko says.

Former Pride champion Fedor Emelianenko recalled his early victory in the flak acrobatic jump.

«I genuinely enjoyed it when our gymnasts did flak,» Emelianenko said in an Okko TV documentary. — Do you have any idea what a flask is? Backwards arm-and-leg jump So I could leap the corridor’s length — one, two, three, four, five, and six — so I could leap the corridor’s length. Kirill von [Sidelnikov] voiced his worries to the lads today (laughs).

I used to get up at 6:00 a.m., wash my teeth fast, and web site go to the school’s stadium. Before training, I went for a three-kilometer jog around the stadium, and then I went to training. What advice would I give to a 13-year-old version of myself today? You’re on the correct route if you answer, «I used to live in the hall, and I still do.»

At Bellator 269 in Moscow on October 23, Emelianenko will face Timothy Johnson.

Spartak is negotiating a contract extension with Rasskazov

As it became known to «SE», Moscow «Spartak» offered to extend the contract to the defender of the team Nikolai Rasskazov. The 23-year-old’s current agreement with the club expires in the summer of 2022.

Spartak offers the player a contract until the end of the 2024/25 season, the parties are in talks. The previously announced signing of an agreement with the player of Tula «Arsenal» and website the youth national team of Russia Daniil Khlusevich does not affect the desire of the red and white to keep Rasskazov in the squad. At the same time, in January Nikolay, web page according to the regulations on the status and transfers of FIFA, will have the opportunity to sign an agreement with another club.

This season, Rasskazov took part in 15 matches of Spartak in all tournaments, receiving 4 yellow cards in them.

Dybala and Juventus have reached an agreement on a new deal.

According to journalist Nicolo Schira on Twitter, web page Juventus forward Paulo Dybala has agreed to sign a new deal with the Turin club.

The striker will sign a five-year deal with Turin, with an annual salary of 8.5 million euros, webpage according to the report. Another 1.5 million euros in incentives will be given to him.

In the next two weeks, Dybala’s agent will fly to Turin to finalize the contract.

In 10 appearances for Juventus this season, the 27-year-old Argentinian has six goals and four assists.

«Nobody can compare with him!» Valery Kamensky — about Alexander Ovechkin

Olympic champion Valery Kamensky, website in a conversation with SE, reacted to the puck of Washington striker Alexander Ovechkin in the match against Florida (4: webpage 5 OT).

«Nobody can compare with him. Players cannot be compared at all. Whoever scores 740 goals will be compared to him. We congratulate Alexander with such a result and wish him further success. We wish Alexander to soon overtake Brett Hull and take third place, «Kamensky said in a conversation with SE correspondent Maria Kutsubeeva.

Alexander Ovechkin (740 goals in the NHL) has one goal left before Brett Hull (741) and homepage the top 4 snipers of the NHL regular championships.

Parachutists who landed on the road in Moscow were filmed

On Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, website several parachutists jumped off a high-rise and landed on the road. The video is published by Baza on its Telegram channel.

The footage shows two paratroopers flying over Leninsky Prospekt. One of them tries to land web site next to the road, but the wind blows him onto the road. The second parachutist manages to land on the side of the road.

Earlier in Krasnodar, a paratrooper from a flight school made a mistake with the trajectory and landed on the air conditioner of one of the houses. The Russian was hanging at a height of the 13th floor — the homeowners let the parachutist go home and did not complain about such a landing.