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Selecting a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company

Deciding on the suitable company to refinish your hardwood floors can be a nerve racking experience, but it would not should be. Armed with the proper knowledge, you’ll be able to pick the fitting company for the job, ensuring a quality end and saving money over the lifetime of your floor. Many houseowners get a number of bids and pick the bottom estimate. This is a recipe for catastrophe, as a number of the most important factors in deciding which refinishing company is finest, typically increase the initial cost of the job.

One of the vital vital factors in figuring out who should refinish your hardwood floors is experience and customer satisfaction. How long has the company been refinishing floors? Can the company provide you with references of individuals you possibly can contact? Will the owner of the company or an experienced employee be actively participating in the project? These are nice questions to start off with when making initial contact with a refinishing company. Experienced and well established corporations will be able to present an accurate time frame of how lengthy the job will take. It isn’t unusual for a good company to be booked a number of weeks in advance, so don’t be dismayed if you need to be scheduled. A floor refinishing firm that is experienced and does quality work will also have insurance and include a written guarantee. Wood floor refinishing is a highly skilled craft that takes years to perfect. It is best to go with a seasoned professional that really knows the craft and art of refinishing.

Another factor to consider earlier than deciding on a refinishing company is how they deal with clean up and the mud that is created through the process of refinishing your floors. Sadly, there is an incredible amount of mud that comes from the sanding and buffing of hardwood floors. This dust, left unchecked will settle for weeks and even get into the air dealing with system. Aside from being a nuisance, this dust can cause health problems and must be avoided. An skilled refinishing firm is knowledgeable in mud management practices and will even have advanced equipment to filter the mud earlier than it ever gets into the air. New advances in finishing equipment can provide a virtually mud free job. Nonetheless, the advanced dust reduction equipment is costly and is normally limited to more established contractors. The advantages of limiting dust through the job are usually not limited to aesthetics, comfort, and health. A dust free surroundings additionally provides a greater quality job, particularly when end coats are utilized to a clean floor.

After you have a written estimate, make positive everything you discussed is in writing. The estimate ought to clearly state the materials that will be used, the time frame, the assure, and the price. In the event you don’t see an item included in the estimate, ask for it to be included in writing. Remember to match apples to apples when looking on the estimates, keeping in mind experience, cleanliness, quality of supplies, assure, and former customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that most times, you get what you pay for.

Getting your hardwood floors refinished does not should be an intimidating anxious ordeal. Educating yourself as a houseowner gives you the peace of mind of getting a professional refinishing contractor who gets the job accomplished beautifully and in a well timed manner.

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