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The broker believes that Elays Mann will stay in the giantThe four points of the Eli Manning will remain in the 2019 season. It is still a mystery. At present, the Eli’s broker Tom Condon has not learned their clear intentions from the giants.

The problem is that Big Blue wants to continue to keep this 38-year-old veteran. Next year is the last year of Elays Contract, he will take up $ 2.32 million salary space. If the giant cuts him, you can make a room for $ 17 million.

NFL and Twitter cooperation online live next season Thursday night gameThe Alliance today announced that they have selected the introduction of the exclusive partner of the World Online Live on Thursday Night in the next season. Twitter will live online from NBC and CBS 10 games on Thursday night, which will also broadcast on NFL TV.

[Defense group] How to become a corner?Agile and speed, Cornerback referred to as CB) is the anti-pass master inside the defensive group. Great Corner has a good intuitive and understanding of the entire rugby game. They know how to read, adjust defense, and experts from regional defense and blocking. They are the cornerstone of the pass defense, and their ability has also largely determines defensive results.

In addition to online live competitions, the cooperation between the two sides also includes the broadcast of the exciting lens and the front player and the team in front of the game, giving fans in front of the game, and the game after the game and the game after the game.

The next season, Pepez will produce 12 million impact on the team’s wage cap, which is not cheap jerseys from china to an old future. Therefore, there is a rumor revealing package that may consider and will be brought to Petus, who is about 35 years old. However, Pepez himself didn’t care about this, he said: «Maybe, but I haven’t considered this thing carefully. I hope to stay in the team, but the most important thing is to prepare the next game.»

Seattle Seahawks punt hand Joan — Ryan (Jon Ryan) is the fourth week of the National League best special teams player. Ryan completed punt five times in the Seahawks 27-17 victory over the New York Jets in the game, including four times to let the Jets began to attack only 15 yards in the side line.

The 37-year-old 37-year-old person of this Pittsburgh will have been prepared for this summer. This is his first slow down to stay with the team. His top priority is to help those players who are not in the special group. It is more laughter without many training tasks for him.

People are reminding one of the most difficult technologies on the football court, and the most common in the corner guard is human tactics. Generally, where is the external connections, it can basically find a corner guard against his guard.

Will — Fowler (Will Fuller) is the American League Player of the Week SWAT team. He not only seven catches for 81 yards to lead the team, but he was still the Houston Texans 27-20 victory over the Tennessee Titans in the game get 67 yards punt return touchdowns. He became one of the highlights Texans game.

This year’s training camp James Harrison only needs to wear sports pantsMany NFL’s old will enjoy no need to wear equipment and helmets in the training camp. But for NFL coaches, this is not what they want to see.

Pepus is eager to continue for the package in the next season.Julus Peppers has decided to continue to fight for the game, the next season will be the 14th season of his career. In the interview, Pepez revealed that he would continue to participate in the game as a member of the Green Bay package.

Rose Rees Berg is AP Offensive Player of the fourth week. The veteran quarterback came five touchdowns in the Steelers 43-14 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs game. This is the fifth Big career single-game completion 5 touchdowns.

Corner typically stands on both sides of the defensive formation, the defensive group generally arranges a corner guard against each other’s external connections on the left and right sides of the array. During the array of array, the corner will look for the external connections corresponding to the stare, which is relatively, so that the guard against the outside of the outside.

Perpus said: «This is my plan, I hope to be realized. At present, everything is very good. I like this team, now we want to work together, win more games in the playoffs. Our ball The team is walking on the right road. «Perpus javilo package is considered a value of value. From the data, his whole season contributes 7 killing, but in fact, he did more. He has accumulated the opponent’s quartz guard to promote 31 times, complete 11 hit four-point guard, and these two numbers are ranked in the same position.

Jones won the fourth week of the National League Offensive Player. He completed 12 catches astounding 300 yards, helping the Falcons to 48-33 victory over the Carolina Panthers. He sprint complete a 75-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter to help the team win. After the performance of the first three weeks of relative calm, he became the first in NFL history six single-game ball 300 yards wide receiver.