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According to the «New York Daily News» reported that on Wednesday, a drone appeared on the training ground of the New York Jet, and the tail of the plane was «fried in Izyk». Freedom of the banner on the field.

Let this scene more embarrassing thing is that the jet fracket Woody-John John is also present, and has been talking to Izyk. The drone and banner circles are in the training ground. From the beginning to the end, it will be in front of Izi, I don’t know what I zik is thinking.

US time Wednesday, the team officially announced that the former coach O.a. Phillips (O.a. Phillips), Jeff Fisher and the former general manager Floyd Reese will be introduced into the Titan Hall of Hall.

There is not much time for the oil people, only 16 seconds, and they don’t make another THE HAIL MARY, and the hate. Elway did not successfully advance to the super bowl, as a generation of four-point guard, he won the championship in the last two years, otherwise it will be a life of Tianzhu.

Obviously, this is a masterpiece of the two brothers who created the «Fried John Iceck Website», they are raising funds on the website, preparing to buy advertisements outside the course to publish advertisements for the general manager John Ziqi.

Dolphins will appoint Patriots Line guards Brian Floris as the main coach

Beijing January 12th According to cheap nfl Jerseys from china NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Miami Sea Dolphin will appoint the new England Patrioper Team Warner Brian Floris Brain Flores for the team’s new Coach. The patriot is still in the playoffs, so the dolphine team can’t just hire him before the patriots, but they hope to lock him first.

Pirate First General Manager Phil-Kruger

The US time is reported on Saturday. According to the Associated Press, Phil Krueger, who is the first general manager of the pirate, died at home last Monday, and enjoy 90 years old.

At this time, the oil person’s defense is more and more urgent. Although Elway relies on dexterous pace to escape, but always fails to pass in place, continuous mistakes push the wild horse to the cliff edge, 4 files 10 yards, still 59 seconds left . On the battle, Elway once again played the goddess performance, after escaped two defensive players, he threw out a not normal, although it was unstable, but the direction is correct, helping the team to advance 44 yards, came to the oil people team array The first 21 yards, there is still 50 seconds. After again, the wild horse kicked players, and made Elway second «the drive».

In the 1991 season, the same is the same, but the opponent is replaced with Houston Oil. Oil people abandoned, and another wild horse had to start attack from this 2 yards, and the starting position of 3 years ago, but there are some differences: the remaining time is only 2 minutes and 7 seconds, 3 years ago There are still 5 minutes and 40 seconds; this honey is only 1 point behind, only one shot can be reversed, and it must be reached at 3 years ago. Briefly, the time is slightly shortened, and the difficulty has dropped sharply.

Kruger has a comprehensive understanding of the game, in more than 30 years of college and professional alliance, Kruger has attacked, defensive, and specialist coaches. After putting down the whip, Kruger joined the pirate management and became a 10-year executive. He is very famous in the negotiating contract. In 1991, Kruger was officially hired as the first general manager of pirates. Before this, the pirates were handed over to the coach.

According to reports, the jet puts Marshall’s three-year contract salary from 24.3 million to 26 million. The basic salary of the next season will be raised from 7.5 million to 9 million, and 16 years is 9.5 million, and Cheap jerseys From china 7.5 million in 17 years. Marshall is a jet with a five-round show in exchange for trading from the bear team.

Kruger first teaches English lesson in the high school in Arizona. The opportunity is coincidental, he joined the school’s football project, soon he received a teaching opportunity. His football coach career is also launched.

Time is urgent, the wild horse can not make the rhythm of adjusting the rhythm through the ground to the top, so they have a bumbler blades that are conducive to passing. This formation focuses on the extensive handles as possible, and the four-dimensional protection is relatively weak. Elway faced the defensive, calm-up, and started this wave of attack with 22 yards. Subsequently, with yourself, get a first attack.

NFL nearly 50 years classic battle: that wave attack II

Among the NFL history, there are many players who are good at counterattack, they have created many NFL classic battles, such as the Sea of ​​Hands, the Sea of ​​Hands, the Hail Mary, the 1981 season The catch is also a wave of attack in the 1988 season.

The Floris University Age is effective in Boston College. He began in patriotics in 2004. His first job in the team is a scout assistant. In 2008, he became an assistant coach in 2008, and he served as a defensive group assistant coach, attack Group Assistant coach, special service group coach, safety guards, and current line guards. Due to Matt Patricia, he also assumed the responsibility of laying tactics, and was successful. This season’s defenders were ranked 7th place (field) Even 20.3 points).