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Michel will enter the last year of the contract next season, with a basic salary of 5 million US dollars, the total will occupy a salary space of $ 8.1 million. With him will help the steel take a salary space of $ 6.3 million.

For Penton Manning, it is a good news. They don’t have to face Bill Vinovich, because since 2012, Manning has been in law enforcement in Vicovich since 2012. 0 wins and 4 losses, and in Li Wei’s law enforcement, Manning will be 1 win and 0 losses, Andrew Luck is 0 wins and 3 losses.

Jerry Jones, the team boss and general manager, said that failure to complete the renewal is due to the influence of new championships, the team is now unable to confirm the salary hood in the coming years.

If you continue this performance, Boters will face and fate like Robert Griffin III. Although the team chose his 19 million gold contracts, and he will stay in the team next season, it is only injured for him for him. This means that the team may let him sit throughout the season. On the bench.

Michel has been a resident starting player of steel people over the past four years. During this time, he was only absent from the 3 game last year. Michel got a total of 53 hugs last season, and the steel man said that it is willing to sign Michel with a lower price, but this veteran hopes to try water first in the free market.

Look at his resume, he began to do college referee 20 years ago, in the NFL law enforcement for 14 years. This will be his 16th law enforcement playoffs, which included 4 external card competitions, 8 divided divisions, 1 Federation Championships and the 34th, 39th Super Bowl.

And Viritich is the referee of Bar’s Mosa and New England Patriopters. At the same time, the main referee of the 4th partition this week will have a master referee as this superbit. That is, the wild horse will have 25% of the probabilistic encounter, but the premise is that they can enter the super bowl.

Steel people will cut off Safe Mike — Michel

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the steel man will be divided into two-line defensive veteran, Safety Wei Mike Mitchell. Previously, Michel also said on social media that he felt what happened to happen, his premonition.

Due to the 7.15 label contract, the contract has not reached a constant approximately, cowboy and Prescot can only wait until read the full info here season will continue to negotiate. Prescott 2020 salary also established at $ 31.4 million, more than he earns 2016-2019 add up to sevenfold.

Murray’s lack means that the second grade running Guardrick-Henry will undertake the main mission mission. In the game, Henry 28 shouted only 51 yards, but he completed a 66-yard pick-up to help Titan defeated Jacksonville America.

Fans and experts are hoping that Henry can get more opportunities. Now in the most important game in the season, he will lead the Titan scorpion attack on only two single-game scorpion codes since the eleventh week.

With the poor performance of Botels last week, the team is open to the four-dimensional competition. Now the third important preseason, Botes is placed on the bench, that is, hendo It is likely to have the opportunity to win the first position of the regular season.

Prescot said: «I hope to be a cowboy player since I hopes that I have been staying in the cowgirl before my career. These will not change because we can’t continue to share. Just like I said, I am now Cowboy players, this is the most important, and it is also the focus of my concern. «

This contract value is $ 98.75 million, with a maximum value of $ 100 million. If Costanlli’s salary this year, the highest value of this contract reached approximately $ 113 million, and the new contract has reached 58 million US dollars, counted this year, and the total security income reached $ 65.569 million. In March 31, 2021, Host Stanley can get an amazing $ 47.116 million.

The average annual salary of US $ 19.75 million in the new contract made Stanley a high-end offensive front line player in NFL salary. The first is that Houston Texas people left Afront Laremy Tunsil, with average annual salary of $ 22 million. Stanley’s total contracts and total security income are ranked first in all alliance offensive cuts.

Since the election of the sixth in 2016, Stanley has immediately become a first left trial and make progress every year. Last season, he was selected for a while, and he was able to create a single-tip of the squad, the number of squatts were recorded.